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Carton packaging

Schur Pack - supplies packaging solutions in carton board from the following companies:

  • Schur Pack Denmark a/s with production in Horsens, Denmark
  • Schur Pack Sweden AB with production in Kumla, Sweden
  • Schur Pack Germany GmbH with production in Gallin, Germany
  • Schur Ekmans Kartong AB with production in Jönköping, Sweden

These four companies constitute Schur's Cartons Division.

The market places heavy demands on packaging products. In addition to providing the required protection of the product the packaging must also contribute to selling the product. Carton board is a stylish and stable material, which signals quality throughout. It can be embossed, folded, punched, and decorated in any colour you like and treated with a high gloss finish.
Schur offers many possibilities of furnishing the packaging with additional sales-promoting features – including hot foil embossing, window inserts, and much more.​

Schur Pack Denmark



Schur Pack Sweden


Schur Pack Germany


Schur Ekmans Kartong