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The Schur®Star Packaging Concept is unique

Packaging machinery and flexible packaging for any requirement

Schur®Star Systems supply a unique packaging concept that matches any product, any packing process, any segment, and any market requirement. The Schur®Star Concept is unique because it is bagging technology made simple: A combination of premade bags, a flexible and tailormade packaging machine, unrivalled know-how and creativity plus a comprehensive package of additional services make up a unique and unequalled whole. 

Premade bags, delivered on a unique string, ensure stability and consistency in the packing process. In combination with a packaging machine, engineered to match specific requirements, unrivalled in flexibility and process options, we add simplicity to and remove complexity from the packing process.

We supply our packing machines for both food and non-food products: Companies all over the world apply the Schur®Star Concept to pack all types of products, from fresh produce, frozen meat to liquids and confectionery, from toys and technical items, hygiene and pharmaceutical products to fertilizers, and dozens of segments in between.

The Schur®Star Concept

The unique Schur®Star Concept, described in a charming, yet informative and illustrative animation video - introducing you to all the advantages. 
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Packaging for Life

We create the most sustainable solutions – whether from bio-based or fossil based raw materials, whether recyclable, biodegradable, compostable. 
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Also your product is unique and deserves a tailor-made solution

We appreciate that your product and your packing process are unique and require individual handling. With the Schur®Star Concept, we meet practically any requirement set by the specific industry - be it in terms of material and operational standards, or in terms of product adherence.

Likewise importantly, we meet your promotional objectives in terms of prominent bag solutions with outstanding print design that will present your product to its best at POS. In addition, our pack solution will offer convenience in the packing process, in the distribution stage, at the retail level, and last but not least with the end user.



The Schur®Star Concept consists not only of a unique and customized packaging machine and innovative, pre-made bags with attractive features – but a lot more.
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Each packaging project is unique – whether it includes a full-scale packaging machine to be integrated in your production set-up, or a compact and moveable packaging machine.
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Bags & pouches

Our creativity and experience make us packaging pioneers, and our solutions are vital elements in supporting product exposure and offering convenience to ensure brand loyalty.
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The flexibility of the Schur®Star Concept enable us to supply any market - we continuously introduce new applications, thus serving new product segments. 
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Schur®Star Systems are not only present on three continents, but also in your neighborhood, ready to answer your questions, or arrange a demonstration.
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Case stories

Each and every one of our case stories demonstrates our creativity in innovative bag-making and the capabilities and versatility of the Schur®Star Concept.
Read some of our case stories – and be inspired!

For generations Schur® belongs to the world's leading packaging machinery manufacturers

Schur®Star Systems operate out of Flensburg (Germany), Carlsbad (CA, USA), and Thomastown (Victoria, Australia) and are today utilizing the know-how within the entire Schur® Group to supply our customers worldwide with the highest standards in flexible packaging.

The Schur®Star Concept principally was invented 1985 and has ever since benefitted from a continued innovation and R&D process driven by our quest to support our worldwide customers to be the best in their field. Our unrivalled experiences in the packaging machinery industry and the world of packaging – be it in designing, engineering, refining and developing packing machines, packaging machinery, and packaging solutions – place us in the league of respected and reputable players in the market.

Our unique packaging concept consists of a packing machine and pre-made bags

The Schur®Star bags are produced from flexible raw material of your choice, offering precisely the barrier properties that your product requires. Our bags are available unprinted or printed in flexo in up to 10 colours. They are supplied linked together on a unique string, you can choose from a large range of shapes and constructions, which can additionaly be refined with all kind of features.

Go to "Platforms" for a specification of our packaging machines

The Schur®Star Concept sets the stage for increased marketing options, improved operational excellence, and supply-chain breakthroughs to align your operations with your revenue goals. It is all about adding flexibility to and removing complexity from our customers' production facilities.

Go to "Bags & Pouches" for a presentation of our bag options

Know-how gathered through generations  

Our experience and know-how gained through generations in the world of flexible packaging and packaging machinery have resulted in a unique packaging concept of unmatched excellence.

Each machine we install adds valuable experience to our know-how - a new or revised bag construction or feature, a new approach or a twist to the packing process that makes things run slightly, but importantly differently and thus more smoothly. Each new installation contributes to manifesting our solid know-how or adding new aspects to it - and all to your benefit.

Unrivalled in creativity and product development

Ongoing development work enables us to continuously introduce new solutions to the market - not only in terms of the packaging solution itself, but also in terms of the packing technology.

And the innovative skills of our creative R&D team make them capable of identifying and developing a solution to whatever challenge our customers may present us with. We take pride in every challenge, and we likewise take pride in always presenting the optimal solution.

Go to "Case stories" for an introduction to some of our projects

Our environmental pledge


With the Schur®Star Concept you have a world of freedom and possibilities to hand. Our pre-made bags, ready to fill - are made from the raw material of your choice: We produce your bags of bio-based or fossil based material, we produce compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable bags and pouches. Whatever type of material you decide upon, no or minimal adjustment of the filling machine will be required.

Our raw materials are sourced worldwide from reputable suppliers, and we are thus never tied to the application of films from our own production. Our sourcing team is constantly monitoring and searching the market for the latest material developments and the newest options. This enables us to offer you the solution that perfectly fits your requirements and matches your product and packing process optimally. 

Go to "Environmental pledge" to watch our video presentation

Quality management & hygienic certification

Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008

We are setting high standards in our quality management to offer our customers premium products and the best possible solutions. We are certified reqularly, and our QM system fulfills all requirements of ISO 9001:200. This enables us to react fast, efficiently and flexibly to changes and preferences set by our customers and the markets in which we operate.

Our Hygienic Certification is BRC / IOP

The BRC / IOP standard for quality assurance of packaging materials was developed by the British Retail Consoritum (BRC) in collaboration with the insttute of Packaging (IOP). The scheme continues to be a leading global standard adopted by major retailers and packaging businesses around the world and helps provide protection to the consumer.

After-sales service & technical assistance


With the commissioning and installation of your packaging solution, your personal contact with us does not end, as we equally care about the daily operation of your system. 

We recommend you take advantage of one of our service packages, which will be specially designed to match your packaging system. 

Contact our service team for further information and guidance


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