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The Schur®Star platform

Schur®Star is our full-scale solution with high packing capacity

Schur®Star is our comprehensive solution with high packing capacity. It comprises a packaging machine with a large number of attractive features, like e.g. multiple filling positions or double index filling, and the option of horisontal or vertical filling of practically any type of product into any bag solution in our product portfolio.

The Schur®Star Packaging Machine

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Why Schur®Star

The Schur®Star Packaging Machine gives you every option to be different:

  • It is the most flexible solution available
  • It runs multiple bag formats without additional tooling costs
  • It offers quick change-over times to run multiple products on just one line
  • It requires no set-up times
  • If offers differentiation by superior graphic design and bag quality
  • It offers customisation - and it is easy to integrate into your existing processes
  • It is perfect for manual, semi- and fully automatic filling
  • It packs a wide range of innovative shapes and functionalities

With innovation at the heart of it, Schur®Star Systems support a new level of flexible packaging to help you launch and market your products enhanced with smart solutions that reduce the cost of deep investments. We are backed by the strong heritage of Schur®, which brings a promise of proven expertise and superior service with leading package goods companies all over the world.

Combining Schur's proven history of success and simplified automation, Schur®Star Systems raise the bar on getting your product to market faster and more efficiently, enabling you to deliver on your mission to grow your business.


Hygienic product handling

Hygienic product handling is more important than ever. The Schur®Star Concept offers you a safe and hygienic packing process, into premade bags that remain closed from bag production till point of filling, thus eliminating the risk of contamination: 

  • The automatic filling process reduces the risk of contamination
  • The machine is hygienic in design and material applications
  • All materials in contact spots are certified food approved

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The Schur®Star Packaging Machine is unique by offering the possibility of applying a long filling section - up to 10 meters - making multiple filling positions available. Double index filling is another option.

Manual filling

Many of our customer apply manual filling to e.g. place their products gently side by side or in layers, filling the product by hand into the Schur®Star bags. Other customers use the option of a long filling section to increase the line capacity when packing products which can only be packed manually. 

Whether the product is PVC piping for plumbing purposes or ready meals, the prime purpose is always a matter of displaying the products at their best.

The Schur®Star Packaging Machine can be supplied with integrated operator tables, including weigher tables etc. Additionally, they can be equipped with integrated transport wheels facilitating transport in your production hall.

Semi-automatic filling

The Schur® Star Packaging Machine is unique by offering the option of a long filling section, making it possible to integrate automatic filling equipment on the packaging machine and combine with manual workstations. 

As an example, this option could be applied for the combination of one manual position filling portions of pasta, after which a portion of sauce is filled from a second filling station. From the following filling stations, topping up with vegetables, shrimps and herbs takes place, creating a perfectly displayed ready meal.

Another option could be a specially developed filling weight, filling small toy bricks and a manual workstation placing a toy figure next to the bricks. 

Fully automatic filling


Schur®Technology offers to integrate all types of automatic filling equipment such as multi head weighers, snail pumps, vibration separators or piston pumps on the Schur®Star Packaging Machine. 

Fully automatic filling enables the line to run without any operator dedicated to the production line. 

Customized machines

We offer customized Schur®Star Packaging Machines based on vertical or horizontal filling sections, integrating automatic filling devices on the lines, ​​

The special versions range from filling newspapers into bags to planting seeds in soil-filled bio-degradable bags.

However complicated your packing project may seem to be, contact us for the perfect solution.

Filling equipment




Schur®Technology offers to integrate all types of automatic filling equipment such as multi head weighers, snail pumps, vibration separators or piston pumps on the Schur® Star Packaging Machine, enabling the line to run without any operator dedicated to the production

Handling equipment



Schur®Technology offers to integrate all types of automatic end of line handling equipment, enabling the production line to run without any operator dedicated to the production line. 

Product processing

The packaging process can be combined with the product processing required for your product. We can combine with weighing and counting equipment, equipment for gas flushing, modified atmosphere, microwave, hot fill, HPP, retort and autoclave.

Post filling equipment

The Schur®Star Packaging Machine is easily combined with an optional integrated inline printer or labelling unit. 


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