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Schur®Star Header Bag

The Schur®Star Header packaging style is very flexible and ideal for point-of-sale areas near checkouts or other focal points.

The header board provides the possibility to customize a generic bag at the filling line.

High quality printing and customised shapes give the bag the required style.

Schur’s unique laser perforation for easy opening and the re-sealable strip are just two of many options available as a combination with the header board.


  • Replaces rigid containers

  • Microwaveable convenience

  • Dramatic reduction of packaging weight

  • Good view of product content

Ready Meals

  • Separation of ingredients allows the creation of new recipies

  • No over-cooking of mixed ingredients

  • A chef's dream - both sides can be cooked for different times to maximise the taste

  • Can combine one part of the meal that will be cooked and the second part complimentary meal ingredients (e.g. soup and croutons)

  • Microwaveable

  • Point of Difference

  • Packaging weight reduction over the conventional two compartment tray

  • Simply a better tasting meal

Fruit salad - ready to enjoy

  • Replaces rigid containers, giving reduction of packaging weight

  • Excellent product presentation

  • Good view of product content


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