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Introducing the NEW Schur®Spoon - 100% fiber based

Schur About to Launch a New, Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Spoons

Schur® is about to launch a new spoon of cardboard, meant to replace the plastic spoons in the lids of yoghurt pots. This means that Schur will have a solution ready when the EU Directive, which will ban plastic spoons in top cups, comes into force in 2021.

This is a new, custom-designed spoon of natural cardboard fibre, which is meant to make it easier for consumers to avoid using unnecessary plastic.

Schur®Spoon, as the spoon is called, is developed in cooperation between Schur Pack Denmark and Schur Technology. The latter is currently in the process of developing the machine to fold the spoons so they are delivered folded and ready to use to customers.

"We are well underway with building the custom spoon folding machine, which will be a product of close cooperation between engineers, designers and customers,” declares Hans Christian Schur, Chief Executive Officer of Schur Pack Denmark a/s.

Close dialogue with customers

The concept and solution have already been determined, and the company is now working on the finishing touches to the design of Schur®Spoon. This is done in close cooperation with customers to ensure a solution that will be optimal in practice.

- Dialogue with customers is very valuable to us, and it helps ensure that the spoon is a good solution for everyone in the value chain, from us as a producer of top cups packaging and all the way to the consumers, says Hans Christian Schur.

Schur’s new cardboard spoon is an important step on the road towards the replacement of disposable plastic products with sustainable solutions.

"This is both an area we focus on and a field in rapid development. This is why we see many good opportunities for making our own contribution to a better tomorrow,” elaborates Hans Christian Schur.

Schur®Spoon is patent pending.

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