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Carton Trays

Have you considered a sustainable cardboard tray?

We know several of your end customers have! Our sustainable cardboard trays for the food industry are extremely high on quality – and in total lack of plastic or aluminum. A proper win-win if you ask us. Why should you use our sustainable tray in your food production? We will give you eight great reasons: 

  • The tray has a small impact on the environment compared to trays made from plastic and aluminum.
  • It is recyclable. 
  • You will discover that the tray has the same qualities as other food trays. 
  • The tray is heat-resistant - you can use the tray in microwave and conventional oven up to 220°C/428°F. 
  • The tray is also suitable for frozen food. The tray can handle down to -40°C/-104°F. 
  • You can produce directly in your cardboard tray. 
  • Your customers can enjoy their meal or food straight from the tray. 
  • Your cardboard tray can be printed according to your wishes. 


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