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An energy boost on the go - now in a Schur®Star Zipper Bag

World novelty: Energy in pocket-sized Schur®Star bag

LEWA of Sweden has recently launched a world first novelty that offers an energy boost, fresh breath, and strengthens your teeth. 

LEWA is a small nonwovens bag to be placed under the lip. The bag is filled with green tea, packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and caffeine. LEWA contains neither tobacco, nicotine, nor sugar and comes in Spearmint, Apple & Spruce, Cola & Lime, and Licorice & Raspberry flavours.

The reclosable bag contains 18 of these small energy bombs that are thought as a replacement for energy drinks and chewing gum. The zipper seals the bag hermetically and prevents the contents from drying out as the product is consumed.

For the active and conscious consumer

LEWA of Sweden develops and markets products of brand new formats – for active and conscious consumers.

The small energy bombs have been in the pipeline for some time and are sold from LEWA’s own website ( In addition, it is sold from an increasing number of Swedish retail shops and will be launched abroad towards the end of 2021.

LEWA can be used anywhere and anytime, and the pocket-sized zipper bag makes it easy to take it with you on the go. With bright colors and graphics the eye-catching design communicates dynamics and joy of life – fully in line with the product profile and the consumers it addresses.

The Schur®Star Concept gives us vital flexibility

”We expect a lot from this world novelty, and the consumers who tested it have received it really well,” says Peter Johansson, VD of LEWA of Sweden.

”The Schur®Star Concept gives us the important flexibility that enables us to easily adjust the packing capacity as the product gains a foothold and we expand the range”. ”

A future-proof packaging solution

The fully automatic packaging machine is equipped for double index filling, resulting in an extremely high packing capacity. The packaging process is easily switched between manual, semi- and fully automatic filling, and it is just as easy to switch between bag formats and sizes. With this extreme flexibility, the packing of the new products that are in the pipeline is no issue. 

Read more of the Schur®Star Concept

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