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Contract packer Packopale relies on Schur®Star Concept for a wider market approach

Client inquiries called for new packaging technology

As a co-packer Packopale fills a gap in the market: They serve smaller companies who find themselves at a point where they are able to grow from a small-scale hand-packed production, but do not have the technology, the knowhow, or the manning to take a next step. Large companies that need assistance for a small batch run, a large scale run for promotional purposes or seasonal activities, or a test of a line extension. Companies that lack capacity or manning or want to focus fully on the product itself and leave all logistical operations to a partner. 

Packopale: With the Schur®Star Concept there is nothing we can’t do

“We had reached the point where our capacity and our packaging offer in general did just reach the market requirement in term of innovation and flexibility", says Mr Condette, Managing Director of Packopale. When introduced to the operational, logistical and promotional advantages of the Schur®Star Concept, we immediately saw the potential for us. Now there is hardly nothing, we can’t do.”

We’ve advanced to another business level

Mr Condette continues: “Not only can we now offer a packing process adapted to any product requirement – from oddly shaped shellfish to be carefully hand-packed, over standardized products, packed fully automatically, or a solution in between requiring a combination of automatic and manual packing. We can combine with filling, weighing and counting equipment. We offer late differentiation through carton header application or direct print on the bag during the packing process. We have advanced to a higher level in our business.”

Reliable and safe packaging services to the seafood segment

French Packopale who belongs to Group Legarrec was established in 2000. From the very start they have focused on adapting their market offer to the frozen seafood segment, appreciating the importance of flexible, reliable and safe packaging service. Based on their unrivalled know-how in the situation of packing seafood they have experienced growing success.

From classic standard bags to eye-catching creative solutions

Frozen seafood is traditionally packed in the classic pillow bags, which work perfectly in many contexts. But with the installation of the Schur®Star Packaging Machine, Packopale’s versatility in packaging solutions has been extended considerably. “As examples we now offer a box shaped solution, which will give superior shelf appearance in the upright refrigerated display. A two-compartment bag for seafood being packed side-by-side to dressing, sauce or a side dish. Also shaped bags are possible – it could be shaped like a fish, with appeal to children, or logo-shaped bags for promotional purposes. And our new partner has the capabilities of designing whatever bag construction is required. Bring on your ideas!”

A contract packer needs flexibility in every respect

The adaptability of the Schur®Star Concept to practically any environment,  product, process and packing condition makes it unique and thus an obvious choice for the contract packer. Worldwide more than 500 companies already pack their products on Schur®Star lines, from clean room conditions to in-field environments – from warms down to freezing surroundings.


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