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Schur Ekmans Retail AB has been acquired by Papier-Mettler Sverige AB

Papier-Mettler Sverige AB acquires customer relations from Schur Ekmans Retail AB

As of 1 October 2016 Schur International a/s acquired Ekmans Jönköping AB and since then, intense efforts have been made to restructure the company. This has among other things resulted in the company being divided into two entities, Schur Ekmans Kartong AB and Schur Ekmans Retail AB. The business Schur Ekmans Retail AB, which today employs 35 is engaged in the conversion of plastic bags as well as sales, has now been resold to Papier-Mettler as of 1 June 2017.

-For a long period of time, it has been a hard and very competitive market and despite major efforts to establish a financially viable company, we must realise that the volumes in the Scandinavian market are inadequate. In addition, the ongoing debate in relation to plastic bags has further resulted in the fact that volumes are being converted to other types of material, says Andreas Davidsson.

-It is very important for Schur to feel that the Purchaser will benefit from the long-term and good customer relationships and we are convinced that the customers entrusted to Papier-Mettler will be in safe hands. Another great advantage is that Papier-Mettler is processing both paper and plastic bags in their own premises, Andreas Davidsson concludes.


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