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Escapure: With the flexibility of the Schur®Star Concept and our fully recyclable bags we feel confident about the future

From manual packing to an automated packing process

New listings with a number of German pet food stores and warehouses had placed German pet food producer Escapure against growing demands in terms of adaptability, packing capacity and delivery reliability. Until recently, all products were manually bagged and likewise manually provided with a cardboard header. But with the comprehensive expansion of the clientele, it was time for automation, and this is where the Schur®Star Concept came into the picture.

We have optimized our production flexibility

“With the Schur®Star Concept, the many varieties in differing bag sizes are no issue at all, as we have all the flexibility, we require”, says Mr Hans Hibler, Managing Director of Escapure. „We can now switch over between bag sizes and products in few seconds, likewise if the product requires manual or semi-automatic filling, without additional tooling. Most important however, is the fact that the concept offers a future proof solution, as we have an equally large range of cat food in the pipeline.

Bavarian specialties for dogs and cats

Inspired by nature and out of love for animals, the family company Escapure was back in 2010 driven by the desire to produce honest products for dogs. Ever since, their products have enjoyed growing popularity, which can primarily be attributed to the pure meat products and the fact that the products neither contain grains, preservatives, nor artificial flavorings.

At POS the pack must convey our care and the superior product quality

Hans Hibler explains: "The honest products deserve a prominent profile at POS, also because today’s range of pet foods is very extensive. And exactly in the important moment of the purchase decision, the role of the pack is to convey the quality, the care and the philosophy of our products". This is fully achieved with the newly developed and upscale design, which elegantly binds the many varieties together, in an pure and stylish way.

Recyclable stand-up bags

The many product varieties are packed into recyclable bags made of a PE laminate. By employment of a special extrusion technique it is possible with a laminated PE structure to achieve the functionalities of a PET/PE film. Escapure decided to go for the stand-up bag construction because it is convenient in handling and the reclosability preserves the product quality and thus eliminates food waste. To meet the preferences of every picky dog and to offer a treat for every occasion, the range presently comprises 14 varieties in 3 product groups – sticks, horns and softies.

Unique adaptability

The adaptability of the Schur®Star Concept to practically any environment,  product, process and packing condition makes it unique and thus an obvious choice for practically any product type. Worldwide more than 500 companies already pack their products with employment of the Schur®Star Concept, from pet food, pharmaceutical items to toys and DIY products, from fresh produce, frozen food to liquids and confectionery, and dozens of segments in between.


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