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From bucket to bag: From 350 to 50 g packaging material

Significant weight reduction

A packaging format offering a reduction in material consumption from 350 to 50 g per product. This was the prime advantage which convinced a producer of medicinal wet wipes to go for the Schur®Star Concept. Other advantages were a simplification of the packing process, achieved through the concept of premade bags, which facilitates a uniform bag intake and a consistent production flow, additionally it enabled a manning reduction on the packing line.

Focus on sustainability

“Every business focuses on sustainability, every company strives to reduce its environmental footprint and to minimize their consumption of packaging - and we are here to assist them achieving their goals”, says Hans-Georg Monert, Sales Manager of Schur®Star Systems. “And when a customer challenged us for an alternative and lightweight packaging format to replace their bucket solution, we immediately saw the potential of our box bag for the purpose”.

Reduction of storage and transportation costs

Hans-Georg Monert explains: "The products are medicinal wet wipes on reels, for use in e.g. clinics and laboratories. The reel of wipes was packed in a bucket, subsequently a disinfectant was added. The end user needs a practical solution, and a vital requirement was therefore a packaging format that maintained functionalities and convenience of the previous solution.

Our answer was the Schur®Star Box Bag: The stable construction of this bag format makes it retain its shape, also with only a few wipes left in the reel. In addition to the saving in packaging material, our customer achieved considerable savings in storage and transportation costs. Plus he could reduce his manning on the packing line”.

Purity and precision under white room conditions

The Schur®Star Packaging Machine is engineered for packing under white room conditions and can be adapted to practically any requirement. For this particular application, the automatic multi-stage filling of the disinfectant prevents foaming issues, as it takes place over several steps. 

Unique flexibility

The adaptability of the Schur®Star Concept to practically every environment, every product, every packing process, and packing method makes it unique and an obvious choice everywhere. More than 500 companies worldwide are packing their products under the Schur®Star Concept, and new pack formats, new functionalities, and new applications are added continuously.

People – Packaging – Planet

This statement expresses Schur’s approach to respectful handling of our planet’s resources and our aim to think sustainability into everything we do. And the new application of our Schur®Star Box Bag is yet another initiative in compliance with the statement. 


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Click to see our video describing the simplicity of the Schur®Star Concept



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