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New EDEKA premium product line in striking packaging format

From manual filling to an automated packing process

For some time German MEGA Fleisch have utilized the advantages of the Schur®Star Concept. With a switch from time consuming and labour intensive manual filling to a fully automated packing system, the company managed to simplify the packing process considerably. Even with a manning reduction, MEGA Fleisch were able to optimize their packing capacity and in addition achieved logistical advantages.  Subsequently a line of ready meals for the catering sector are hot filled into Doy shaped bags, pasteurized, and labelled - with only two operators at the packaging machine.

Entry into retail

The MEGA Fleisch gastronomy and convenience kitchen chefs are dedicated to developing exclusive delicacies. And for some time they have given special attention to a new product line intended for the retail trade, to enable the consumer to enjoy the gastronomic products of MEGA Fleisch also at home.

An eye-catching packaging format

The new beef sauce and beef stock are sold in EDEKA Germany under their private label “Our House Brand”, and EDEKA have reflected the special attention given to the product preparation in the packaging design. The products are marketed in eye-catching and exclusively decorated stand-up bags that  highlight the products on the supermarket shelves: The Schur®Star Jar Bag with the look of an exclusive Kilner Jar.

Germany’s largest butcher cooperative

MEGA Fleisch have traded for more than 80 years and is today Germany’s largest butcher cooperative. The extensive product range of ready meals is delivered into the butcher’s and gastronomy trade, and this can be added to an assortment of more than 50,000 non-food articles and items for the food industry.

Taking full advantage of the concept

The flexibility and the efficiency of the Schur®Star Concept convinced MEGA Fleisch to make full use of all the available options and transfer the packing of the new products to the machine.

„Our carefully prepared new product line of sauce and stock called for a spectacular packaging format and design, communicating the exquisite quality. And of course we wanted the product to stand out from the other offerings on the shelves. The Schur®Star bag range comprises many attractive options, but we decided to favour the Schur®Star Jar Bag. It has a striking look, and the product presentation conveys exactly what we intended - a carefully prepared, homemade delicacy “, says Helmut Schulz, Masterchef and Operations Manager of MEGA Fleisch.

„In the shops, the products have done extremely well – and we are in the process of preparing line extensions“. 

Prepared for growing demand and new products

The Schur®Star Concept is suitable for a comprehensive product range. The packaging machine is engineered for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic filling with easy change-over. This allows the producer to pack practically any product – whether liquids, combination dishes with several elements, or products that are difficult to handle. Other options are integration with processing equipment applying e.g. modified atmosphere or gas flush. And this versatility allows MEGA Fleisch to pack additional products of their comprehensive product range on the Schur®Star Packaging Machine.


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