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Schur®Star Up Bags

It takes more than appealing colours and an inviting bag image to present a product to its full on the supermarket shelves. Among the jobs that the pack has to fulfill is to give its contents the best possible presentation.

Whenever possible, the pack should offer the consumer convenience features. Schur®Star Systems supplies the best in stand-up bags, also known as stand-up pouches.

Our Schur®Star Up Bags are available with various bottom shapes and these offer a stability that is hardly surpassed by any other flexible construction.

Practically all flexible material types are employable for Schur®Star Up Bags - polyethylene, polypropylene and a wide selection of laminate combinations, including paper solutions.

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Below are examples of our Schur®Star Up Bags with bottom gusset and with Doy construction:

Dry goods: Baby cereals

The reclosable and practical Schur®Star Up Bag ensures convenient storage and the best possible protection of the delicate products, also after the seal has been broken.

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Convenience food: Risotto - Kashotto

With a new convenience food concept in the pipeline, a Polish mushroom producer was looking for a pack that could support the new product optimally when displayed on the supermarket shelves, both in terms of a stunning design and a bag format that offered convenience.

The result is an attractive solution which on top is fully recyclable, CPP based bags – to match the healthy profile of the new convenience food concept.

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Frozen food: Salmon fillets

Schur®Star Up Bags are enjoying growing popularity, due to the effective and excellent presentation of the product in upright freezers.

Confectionery: Cookies

The cookies are packed in a Schur®Star Up Bag, produced of a paper laminate. 

The chosen material offers protection of the delicate contents and will keep the cookies crisp and fresh.

For extra convenience, add a zipper for reclosability.

Sauce: Fish sauces, ready to use

A Schur®Star Up Bag is a practical packaging solution for sauces, ready to serve, displaying the products perfectly on the supermarket shelves.

Convenience food: Ready meal in microwavable bag

A microwavable stand-up bag solution presents the ready meals perfectly, as it offers greater visibility of the product.

For convenience add a laser score for easy opening. 

Meat: Grill sausages

A Schur®Star Up Bag with carrier handle is a practical and convenient packaging solution for Swedish sausages, and its high convenience features will support consumer preference.

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