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Machine sealable pure paper bag for the Schur®Star Concept


Our responsibility towards the planet, its people, and the future

As a global packaging provider we appreciate our responsibility towards our planet, its people and the future - as well as our obligation to bring sustainable solutions to the marketplace. We actively monitor developments in raw materials and film solutions, and in cooperation with technology partners and material suppliers we continuously develop new products.

Paper structure developed specially for the Schur®Star Concept 

At the very heart of the Schur®Star Concept are the Schur®Star bags. These are delivered on a unique string, as this construction ensures uniform machine infeed and a stable packing process.

For quite some years, numerous customers have challenged us for a solution that could not only meet the specifications of pure paper, but likewise importantly run and pack their products effectively and consistently under the Schur®Star Concept.

A machine sealable pure paper bag

The Schur®Star Pure Paper Bag is now ready for market introduction. It is produced of pure, unbleached, and non-coated paper material - a renewable resource which is recyclable in pure paper streams. The specially developed raw material has a strong fiber structure, it offers high puncture and tear resistance, meaning excellent machineability.

The contamination level is as low as 0.6%, and with 10 colour flexo print it would never exceed the accepted 1.5% for recyclability.

For a sustainable profile at POS

The Schur®Star Pure Paper Bag has a wide range of applications, both in non-food and food segments, where barrier functionalities are not required. In the confectionery market, the bag is an obvious choice for organic products, as it will give its contents an attractive appearance on the supermarket shelves and effectively convey a sustainable profile. But of course the paper bag is attractive for all such products that want to communicate a sustainable profile.

Patent pending 

The Schur®Star Paper Bag is a prominent addition to the range of sustainable materials available under the Schur®Star Concept. This recent addition to the bag material range effectively underlines the flexibility and adaptability of the Schur®Star Concept to practically any environment, product, process and packing condition. 

For raw material structure and production technology, Schur®Star Systems have a patent pending. 

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