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Schur®Star Fresh’n’GO Bag

The idea of the Schur®Star Fresh’n’GO packaging concept for fresh produce is to make everyday products more attractive at the point of sale, to offer the consumer an innovative and hygienic packaging solution that also involves a high degree of convenience.

As options the Fresh’n’GO Bag can be supplied with a zipper, a re-seal strip and/or a unique laser perforation to enable easy opening of the bag.

Our Fresh’n’GO products give you the chance to be different by offering

  • A hygienic solution, as the pre-packed produce remains untouched from packing till opened in the household

  • A longer shelflife

  • Superior shelf presence

  • Higher consumer attention

  • Carrier handle for ease of purchase and handling

  • Fresh’n’GO re-seal strip or zipper for convenient multi-use

  • Pre-packed products are hygienic



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