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Cereals & Dry Food

For cereals and dry products Schur®Star Systems offers several packaging solutions to suit all requirements.

Examples of dry products packed on a Schur®Star Bagging System are:

  • cereals and muesli,
  • baking ingredients,
  • cake decorations,
  • yoghurt toppings,
  • dried fruit and vegetables,
  • nuts,
  • seeds,
  • snacks,
  • rice,
  • groats,
  • coffee,
  • tea,
  • nutritional powders,
  • sugar,
  • spices...

  • The Schur®Star bag range is broad, offering optimal solution for many different products.

    The unique bag types are there to serve various purposes, be it convenience, enhanced marketing or differentation.

    The Concept as a whole easies the packing process, whereas the bags emphasize the excellence of the product.

    Schur®Star Bags

    The Schur®Star Bags range offers a world of possibilities.

    Each time the size of the bag, material structure and extra features are tailored to the needs of the product.

    Among our film solutions there are laminates aimed to ensure proper barrier but, in combination with the flexo print, they are also an eye-catching visual effect provider.

    Offered features are for example: euroslot, zipper, laser score, nick for easy-opening, window, handle... These are to enhance the convenience and secure the product after the first opening of the bag.

    Below listed examples of bag constructions are a great introduction of the many possibilites available for loose, dry products.

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    Schur®Star Jar Bag

    Schur®Star Jar Bag is a proven eye-catcher.

    Its design attracts the consumers, differentiating the packaging on the shelf.

    The bottom of the bag is designed for the bag to stand up, improving its marketing value.

    This handy construction can be used on the go, reclosable zipper ensures the safety of the product.

    Schur®Star Jar Bag eases the transport, minimizing the breakage hazard and taking up less space in the box.

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    Schur®Star Bowl Bag

    Schur®Star Bowl Bag comes in many versions.

    As a solution perfect for cereals, this can be a two-compartment bag, with the upper one holding the spoon. Lower compartment, due to its specially designed bottom, serves the purpose of a bowl. Milk, when poured into the bag, completes the meal.

    The bag construction makes the sharing easy. It is spacious enough for the product to be easily accesible once the bag is opened. It is therefore perfect choice for e.g. nuts, snacks or dried fruit.

    Shown packaging comes in many laminate structures that are always adjusted to the requirements of the product.

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    Schur®Star Box Bag

    Presented bag is a great match for loose products. The form allows the content to be distributed evenly, taking up the maximum of space offered by the bag construction.

    In combination with additional features (handle, zipper), the Box Bag is an interesting and convenient packaging for numerous products.

    Here, the enhanced communication is possible thanks to the front, back, sides and bottom of the bag being printable.

    The construction offers a freedom in combining different laminate structures, allowing the customer to create an attractive packaging for their product.

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    Schur®Star Paper Laminated Bag

    Packaging is vital for company's communication.

    Using bags laminated with paper can emphasize the values important for the producer.

    It is also a great way to achieve a pleasant, matt design.


    Schur®Star Compartment Bag

    Two compartment bag offers a freedom of mixing different products into one packaging.

    Vertical perforation makes it easy to separate the varieties of the product to be used separately, over time.

    It can also store products that are meant to be combined, e.g. yoghurt and topping, muesli mixes - oats and dried fruit, oats and nuts.

    Without the perforation, the bag can offer a convenient packaging that accents the portfolio of the products.

    Schur®Star Handle Bag

    Handle Bag serves a great purpose of packing large amounts of products.

    It is often used for bigger bag formats that store a kit of products, e.g. baking kits, cake sets etc.

    A multipack - the bag containing several samples of product variations - is also an option.

    The handle eases the transport of the bag.

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    Schur®Star Reclosable Bag

    Reclosability is a vital feature for the dry food sector.

    After the first opening, once the seal is broken, the zipper protects the product from water and humidity.

    Thanks to the zipper, the risk of spillage is minimized.

    It also prevents the aroma from escaping the bag, prolonging its richness.

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    Schur®Star Up Bag

    The ability of the bag to stand up on the shelf is a value. It is then easy for the customer to notice the product.

    Schur®Star Up Bags can be made of variety of laminate structures, including recyclable solutions.

    Each film used for foodstuff packaging is certified and adequate to the product being packed as well as its surrouding.

    Versatility of the Schur®Star Up Bags is a virtue.

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    Schur®Star Pillow Bag

    Pillow Bag is a classic sollution finding its application in many sectors.

    For the dry food it can serve a purpose of an additional bag with a sample, added to the main packaging of different product.

    When equipped with euroslot, it can be a packaging for pulse products, bought at the very last stage of the buying process.

    Small packs with zippers, filled with smaller amount of a snack, can create a convenient packaging when travelling.

    Covered with paper or finished with an excellent design, they attract visually.

    Schur®Star Shape Bag

    Schur®Star Shape Bags are, no doubt, a very appealing packaging solution.

    Unusual shapes attract the customers, increasing the sales.

    These can be used to complement the offer, expanding it at a specific time - for Christmas, Easter, Halloween.

    This bag construction is a great match for products made for children, emphasizing the bond that is to be created with the youngest consumers and making them feel special.

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