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Schur’s Human Rights work gets international recognition

At the UN Annual Forum for Business and Human Rights 2018 in Geneva, Schur was invited to speak about our work for Human Rights on 26 November.

Schur has chosen to fully implement UN’s Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights implying that Schur manages all the 48 areas where a company could potentially have negative impacts on people’s rights to healthy and safe working conditions, not to be discriminated and harassed for example. In the period 2017-19, Schur’s companies will undergo assessments of potential negative impacts on human rights on top of analysis of anti-corruption and environmental principles. The assessments are followed up by preventive and mitigating initiatives; amongst other things, Schur aims at creating awareness amongst employees to own and others’ human rights.

In Geneva, Schur’s work was highlighted as a best practice example of how a private company can actively work to respect the human rights of employees, customers, suppliers and consumers.

The focus on human rights is an integrated part of Schur’s ambition to be a sustainable company economically as well as socially and environmentally.
You are welcome to contact Schur, if you would like more information about our sustainability work.


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