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To British Chocolatier Hardys, nothing compared to the Schur®Star Box Bag

The pack to complement a superior selection

When British chocolatier Hardys was looking for a pack to complement the superior chocolate selection, they wanted a pack design as remarkable as the products themselves - a solution to elevate customer perception and with a gift-wrapped look. Numerous windowed cartons were sampled, but nothing compared to the Schur®Star Box Bag. “We chose the Schur®Star Box Bag as it exclusively makes a pack with three different substrates. We chose a solution with a window, made of a laminate on three sides and the two side gussets in a metallized film. The latter adds a stylish finish to our print design”, says Daniel Brower, MD of Hardys.


The Schur®Star Box Bag stands completely stable

The box-shaped bottom construction allows Schur®Star Box Bag to stand completely stable, irrespective of weight and contents. No matter whether displayed upright or lying, the bag – being printable on all five sides – offers excellent opportunities of a visually striking look. Superior flexographic printing offers additional differentiation options. The characteristic bottom construction is combinable with a large range of features: A window to give a glimpse of the contents, a zipper to offer reclosability, tearstrip and laserscoring to ease opening – to mention a few. In this case, the combination with a carton header gives an exclusive and stylish pack, prominently different.

The magic of the great British sweetshop

Hardys, who never forgot the magic of the great British sweetshop, own a chain of sweet shops in all of the major tourist destinations in the UK; the full product range is also sold from Hardys offers high-end confectionery in a variety of pack formats printed with iconic attractions of the surrounding area. Whilst Hardys’ offering satisfies consumers wishing to enjoy a treat on the go, the company is equally focused on providing a high-end range for gifting. Hardys chose to make the pack content specific with embossed header cards – as this combination facilitates an extensive range with significantly reduced pre-press costs. The metallized side gussets add an extra dimension to the prominent appearance.

Designs for exclusive retailers in the pipeline

The Schur®Star bag range is constantly expanded with innovative constructions. Daniel Brower: “We are delighted with Schur®Star Systems' quality and their seemingly endless innovations; we are already looking to replace some of our existing packaging with the Schur®Star Box Bag. Given the striking appeal of this new pack format, samples are also being prepared for the more exclusive retailers”.


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