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Handy Schur®Star Bags for innovative formulation in animal health

New chewable formulation enticing the pet to eat its medication

The well-being of our furry family members means everything to us, and when they are taken ill or need food supplements, we are eager to give them the very best treatment. But often a pet owner will find it impossible to coax the pet to eat the much-needed medication.

To meet this challenge French Dômes Pharma Group has recently developed its Tasty Tech technology which incorporates the active ingredients into very palatable bites. The new formulation was chosen for two new ranges under the TVM and Biocanina brands, both well-known to veterinarians and animal owners.

Handy resealable stand-up bags

The new bites for dogs and cats are packed in resealable stand-up bags – in a material formulation that effectively gives the required protection of the medication. The pack that comes in a number of varieties and three sizes, is low in weight, material consumption, and space requirement, thus offering the highest possible filling capacity achieved at a minimum of material consumption.

Animal health experts since 1947

Dômes Pharma Group is an independent family group, established 1947 in France, and an internationally recognized expert in animal health. The group activities range from R&D to marketing and manufacturing. The majority of the group’s products are packed by subsidiary Europhartech, who also acts as a co-packer and co-manufacturer for a portfolio of prominent brands in the pharmaceutical trade. 

An entirely new packing set-up

For the new product lines, Europhartech realized that they had to completely rethink their packaging system. The key requirement was flexibility, and not only in terms of handling various pack sizes and constructions. As several of the varieties require product processing, integration of a gas flush unit was a mandatory condition, as was the adaptability of the filling section to eventually being expanded with additional dosing systems, in expectation of future customer demands.

“The idea of packing into bags that are linked together is simple, but effective” 

"We needed a completely new packing set-up and a scalable turn-key solution. An extremely flexible set-up that could not only meet our capacity requirements for the new products, but also offer compatibility with additional future processing equipment,” says Mr Florent Proust, Project Manager of Europhartech. “The idea of packing into bags that are linked together is simple, but effective. It gives a uniform and consistent packing flow, and we experience neither down-time nor product waste.”

Adaptability and responsiveness

Magali Ploix, Sales Director of Europhartech adds: “We are  happy with the Schur®Star Concept which allows us to quickly adapt to the market’s reactions to our new product and respond equally quickly to changing market demands. Flexibility of the packing resources is of the utmost importance for a company like ours, as we produce and pack not only our own brands, but also serve external clients, who rely on us and appreciate the many options, offered by the Schur®Star Concept”.

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