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Simplicity in the packing process with the Schur®Star Concept

Increased capacity requirements called for simplification

When introduced to the Schur®Star Concept, Sabarot Wassner became aware of the many advantages of employing the Schur®Star Concept for packing their large range of cereals, pulses, seeds, and dried mushrooms. In connection with a comprehensive plant enlargement to meet increased capacity requirements, Sabarot Wassner had decided to streamline the production process by removing packing complexity. Additionally, their 200th anniversary in 2019 would be an excellent opportunity to upgrade the packaging solution. The Schur®Star Concept met all their expectations.

Success through generations

Sabarot Wassner was established back in the 19th century, and initially their success was based on the famous Le Puy green lentil. Over the years, the range has been extended considerably with produce deriving from the natural richness of the Haute-Loire region. And by continuously matching the preferences of the consumer, Sabarot Wassner has gained international recognition.

Eye-catching packaging solutions

The range of product varieties and sizes - organic as well as conventional - is comprehensive. To meet the demands from this very segmented market with small batch runs was no issue, when employing the Schur®Star Concept. The easy changeover not only between products, but also between bag designs, bag sizes and bag constructions made it the optimal solution; it takes only a few minutes and requires no additional tooling. A further incentive to go for the Schur®Star Concept was the opportunity to strengthen the market position by updating the packs to offer an eye-catching profile at POS. The selected solution is a Schur®Star Up Bag with a zipper for reclosability – offering the consumer the vital convenience in everyday use and facilitate safe storage, to avoid food waste.

Perfect synchronicity with the Schur®Star Concept

“On the occasion of our 200th anniversary we decided to streamline our production process and to upgrade our packaging – and perfect unity was created when we were introduced to the Schur®Star Concept”, says Thomas Morin, Industrial Director at Sabarot Wassner. “Not only did we simplify the packing process by introducing pre-made bags, we also increased production capacity, we reduced manning and last, but not least: We have updated and sophisticated the packaging solution for two of our brands – with more to come. We are happy, excited and cannot wait to bring the new packs on the market.”

The Schur®Star Concept

Click to see our video describing the simplicity of the Schur®Star Concept

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