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Schur creates stunning new packaging for TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade Golf has teamed up with Rickie Fowler in the development of their new golf-ball line TP5 Pix and TP5x Pix. Schur is honored to be the producer of the eye-catching packaging.



TaylorMade Golf has developed a new innovative ball with a design and technology that will revolutionize the golf industry. One of the many spectacular features is the graphics on the ball which provides instant feedback to the golfer. Of course, a great launch like this also needs a spectacular packaging that stands out on the shelf:

“Our strong relationship with TaylorMade Golf is based on a common mindset of continuously pushing the boundaries within our areas of expertise. There is no doubt that TP5 Pix and TP5x Pix will bring a brand new visual and technical feature to the game of golf. That fact made it really important for us to create a packaging that stood out in the eyes of the consumer” says Johan Schur, CEO of Schur Technology A/S.

The striking golf-ball line is developed in collaboration with PGA Tour Player Rickie Fowler, who is known to stand out on the golf course. The new ball with multi-color graphics is intended to do the same and now the packaging adds an extra dimension to this intention. 

The new packaging is a combination of numerous unique features, such as varnishes, emboss patterns, and motion coating that uses the reflection of light to make the design come to life. In other words: This is an extraordinary golf-ball packaging. The quality and technical level of the packaging is a product of Schur’s qualifications. However, if you ask Johan Schur, the main value lies within the strong relation to the customer:

“I am extremely proud of the new packaging, no doubt about that, but I am even more proud of the unique relationship we have with TaylorMade Golf. One of our main values is to listen to our customers and build a strong relationship through dialogue and knowledge sharing. Our close collaboration with TaylorMade Golf is a solid validation of this mindset and we are truly honored of being a co-creator on this project” says Johan Schur, who represents the 6th generation of the family-owned group. 

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