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I am thrilled by how friendly and welcoming everyone around the organization has been

That has definitely made my first year easy. There’s still a lot to take in, but hopefully my colleagues will be just as helpful the second and third time I ask the same thing.

Even though they might be considered opposites, I would characterize Schur by tradition and innovation. You can feel that this is an organization built on long traditions. On the other hand, every part of the organization constantly innovates and creates new solutions.

Bodil S. Lund
Group ESG Analyst
Schur International

I worked as a bricklayer for 25 years before I joined Schur

I needed to try something else, and I was hired as an unskilled machine operator in our gluing team. Now - 7 years later - I am a supervisor in the same team. Even though I came with no experience from the industry, I was welcomed with open arms and given the opportunity to learn and develop. I experience a great comradeship, and the Schur family is also very attentive. They often take the time to walk through the production area and talk with us. To me, it is a family-business on multiple levels.

Claus Ryan Andersen
Schur Pack Denmark

I have worked for Schur for 37 years

And I still work there even though I am 70 years old. That alone tells that it is a great place to work. As an employee you feel involved, cherished, and comfortable. Schur has always invested in the courses and working tools, I have asked for. That has been a great motivator and I have never doubted that the family has a sincere concern for all employees.

Eva Blomqvist
Management Secretary
Schur Pack Sweden

I have celebrated my 20th work anniversary at Schur

When I had the opportunity, I applied for a job as travelling fitter at Schur Technology, and here I am - 22 years later. I sincerely feel that we have a special spirit at Schur – all my co-workers are dedicated, humoristic, and helpful. It is a great environment to work in and it also ensures that we keep working until we reach the best result. I love that I get to travel and experience different cultures and meet many different people. These experiences have taught me a lot – both professionally and personally.

Finn Andersen
Travelling fitter, Machinery
Schur Technology

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