Focused on our Footprint

Through six generations, we have set ambitious targets for ourselves in terms of responsibility and orderliness. We continuously measure and report on our performance to ensure we stay transparent and on track.

Our performance in 2020-21

100% of our companies work with sustainable solutions
23,6% reduction in relative carbon emissions since 2019/20
10,2% reduction in relative energy consumption across all companies since 2019/20
22% female leaders across all companies
13% board positions held by women in parent company
12% increase in suppliers who have signed our Code of Conduct

Our focus on waste reduction

When it comes to packaging, sustainability is not only measured in material use, but also logistic parameters, shelf life, and disposal of the packaging after ended usage.

Together with our customers, we develop innovative packaging solutions that reduce waste by both promoting and protecting products. Encouraging reuse and recycling is also central to our goal of moving as much of our packaging material as possible into the circular economy.

Tackling waste on the production line
Cardboard, foil and plastic used in production are our most significant sources of waste and we continue to measure and improve on our performance in this area.

All Schur companies have implemented comprehensive waste handling systems to ensure that our waste is always processed in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner. Put simply:

"If we can recycle it, we do."

Making people our priority

Schur has always believed in treating people with decency and respect. This is reflected in our high talent retention rates and our strong sense of loyalty – in fact many of our skilled employees have more than 25 years of seniority.

To ensure this experience is continually strengthened, we work hard to provide a safe environment and strong work culture that empowers individuals to thrive. This naturally led us to make SDG 8 on decent work and economic growth a specific focus area – enhancing our ability to attract talent today, and thereby securing our future success.

Putting diversity in focus
We believe that diversity in age, ability, gender, level of education and background contributes to a strong culture and performance. Our ambition is for all of Schur employees to have equal opportunities to maximize their potential within our organization.

More power to our customers – with less footprint

When we reduce our energy use, our customers reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why we monitor energy consumption across our facilities to find opportunities to work more efficiently.

Schur has made energy efficiency a core criterion for renovation, installations, new buildings and production equipment. This has helped us achieve a 40% reduction in relative energy consumption at our Danish facilities since 2011/12.

Securing continuous improvements in CO2 emissions
Our efforts to reduce our emissions go beyond our production lines. They also include indirect sources such as freight transport and passenger transport using cars, trains and aeroplanes.

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