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You bring the challenge, and we’ll bring nearly two centuries of ingenuity, the latest technology, and a commitment to creating sustainable value for businesses like yours.
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Total packaging solutions, tailored to your business needs, powered by advanced technology

What makes Schur a different kind of packaging solution provider? It’s the unique know-how we use to combine our extensive capabilities into a powerful, flexible, full-line service for you. That’s why we are the leader of the pack.

It's all about

From expertise on raw materials, to design and production, to automation and optimization, to marking and labelling and palletizing. Our packaging capabilities run end-to-end. And then some.

It takes creativity

Creativity is a cornerstone of what we do. Whether your product needs to jump out on the shelf, or be contained by a special barrier, or be more sustainable, we can tailor a custom solution together.

Technology that gives you the edge
Technology that gives you the edge
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See the companies we’ve helped
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