We don't just offer marking equipment. We provide security and certainty that your product meets the labeling requirements. And we help ensure high traceability. With our great service setup, we also offer a quick response time of under 2 hours.

Specialists in ribbons

Did you know that the print head of your labeling printer is actually being unnecessarily worn by bad ribbons? Ribbons are not just ribbons – the quality and durability can vary greatly.

We specialize in marking equipment – including ribbons. We never compromise on quality despite the fact that we are competitive on price. Also, our ribbons are suitable for all print brands.

Marking on subscription

One of our core values is that we aim to be constantly developing and think of new solutions for our customers. That is why we now offer the option for you to start a subscription agreement with us. The agreement covers consumables, maintenance, service and support.

Traceability and safety in focus

At Schur Marking, we also develop software to optimize the marking process. The key words for our software solutions are security, quality and resource optimization. The Schur Octopus is a good example of that. The software can be used to retrieve labeling data directly from your ERP system, and you can use the software to optimize your subsequent documentation process.

We also partner with Loftware NiceLabel, which is a cloud-based software that collects your data in one place and makes it easy for you to print correctly on your labels.

Did you know that we also offer Labels?

As part of Denmark's oldest packaging group, there are a number of synergy effects when you start a collaboration with us. In addition to labeling, we also offer cardboard packaging, flexible packaging, packaging machines and labels.

We collaborate closely across competences, and we especially form a close partnership with our colleagues from Schur Labels. Thereby, you can achieve a total solution by choosing Schur as a business partner.