Schur®Star Flexible Films

We are your local and steady flexible packaging partner in Australia & New Zealand. We offer a wide range of rollstock materials designed to improve packaging performance in all markets. Our flexible packaging rewind is suitable for a wide range of applications. 

Rollstock and Schur®Star systems

We work with different ‘fit for purpose’ applications and structures. These include barrier and non-barrier structures, metalized, and multiple layer structures. We offer competencies such as eight color press and highspeed solvent free lamination.

Our capabilities within rollstock walk perfectly hand-in-hand with our unique packaging concept: Schur® Star systems. This is a combination of premade bags and a versatile packaging machine that matches any product, any packing process, any segment, and any market requirement.

Local specialist. Global expertise.

Schur is your guarantee for a great design - whether you order a new design or have changes to a current design, you will always receive a sample with the new print within 24 hours after your request. How? Because we produce our own plates at Schur in Thomastown, and we have our own artwork design facilities in Germany.

Why? Because we know the importance of getting your product out on the shelves – looking its best. We handle both large as well as small orders, and our production setup is extremely flexible. 

Prolong shelf life. Minimize food waste

Your sustainable partner

We are REDcycle partner and everything we produce is made of sustainable material.

However, sustainability is not only a matter of material. It is also a matter of extending shelf life and minimizing food waste. With 175-years of experience within packaging, we know a thing or two about protecting, preserving, and selling your product.

Your challenge is our starting point – and we always start with you and your product. We offer tailormade solutions – also when it comes to sustainability.

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