Versatile packaging solutions that protect your product, reduce your costs, and unleash your creativity. We provide you with more than just carton packaging - we have experts throughout the process from the first idea to the finished product.

Innovative solutions for creative packaging

Our robust and adaptable, carton presents almost unlimited possibilities for innovative design and customization - different shapes, colours and eye-catching effects are all possible. It can protect your product in distribution and give it impact at the point of sale.

To us, it doesn't really matter which industry your product belongs to - we have experience in creating appealing and solid packaging solutions for a vast range of markets.

We deliver tailor-made packaging solutions
no matter the packaging needs

Our carton is more than just packaging

In our minds, packaging is more than just carton to protect your product. It is a craft, and we therefore take great pride in ensuring we have the right people with the right craft throughout the entire process.

Both our development and prepress department are with you from idea to finished product and make sure that your product is packed in the best possible carton packaging.


Introducing the 100% fiber-based carton spoon

As the EU have banned plastic spoons in top cups, we have launched a more sustainable alternative made from natural carton fiber.

Carton neutral?
We’re working on it

Eventhough carton is one of the most sustainable and recyclable packaging materials in the world, we are constantly working to find new, innovative ways to ensure sustainability.

With the directives from the EU on The Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging, it is now much more expensive for manufacturers to use packaging that cannot be included in the circular economy - we help you get there.

Our packaging machines are fully adaptable to your product requirements

When it comes to packing products, there is no one universal packaging machine that works for all packaging solutions. However, we have the technology to tailor the right machine for you, so it fully matches your product needs.

Regardless if your product must be top-loaded, end-loaded, have special sleeves, or whether you simply need a way to raise your product in the packaging machine - we create a customized solution that can cope with the various challenges that arise when packaging your particular product.

Europe’s premier high-tech carton facility

Completed in September 2016, our carton facility in Gallin, Germany, is Europe’s most high-tech folding box facility, setting new standards for the future of carton packaging.

The facility has increased our production capacity and adopted new standards to achieve superior quality, enhanced hygiene standards, and the shortest delivery times.

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