Versatile packaging solutions that protect your product, reduce your costs, and unleash your creativity.

Innovative solutions for creative packaging

Robust and adaptable, cartonboard presents almost unlimited possibilities for innovative design and customization. It can protect your product in distribution and give it impact at the point of sale.

Cartonboard can be folded into different shapes, decorated in any color, and further enhanced with our special sales-promoting treatments: from high-gloss finishes to hot foil embossing, to window inserts, and more.

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Carton neutral?
We’re working on it

Did you know that cartonboard is one of the world’s most sustainable packaging materials? According to Eurostat, around 85% of paper and cartonboard packaging is recycled, and it is also readily compostable.

With our broad experience of pure fiber materials, we are helping more and more companies like yours move their packaging into the circular economy.  

Our carton solutions are fully customizable
to your product requirements

When it comes to packaging great products, one size does not fit all – and this applies as much to the packing technology as the package itself. Together with you, we will work to understand your product needs in depth and develop an integrated solution.

Your product’s unique characteristics may require it to be toploaded or endloaded, or sleeved in a certain way. Whatever the challenge, we can create a custom smart configuration to perform the specific handling tasks – from erecting the carton, to loading your product, to closing the finished article. 

Europe’s premier high-tech carton facility

Completed in September 2016, our carton facility in Gallin, Germany, is Europe’s most high-tech folding box facility, setting new standards for the future of carton packaging.

The facility has increased our production capacity and adopted new standards to achieve superior quality, enhanced hygiene standards, and the shortest delivery times.

Easily integrate labels and marking for a total carton solution

Our packaging capabilities go far beyond cartons. We can also integrate marking, labels and logistics seamlessly into your process, creating a total and cost-efficient packaging solution for you. 

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