& prepress

In our carton department, we offer more than just carton packaging – we offer a total solution from the early idea to the finished packaging solution. Our creative innovation team develops and optimizes the costumer's packaging needs. Hereafter, our prepress department ensures that the graphic material is optimized and ready for production.

More than just packaging

To us, carton packaging is much more than large printing machines and huge factories – it is a craft. That is why we also make a virtue of having skilled craftsmen in all steps from idea to finished packaging.

This is particularly evident in our innovation and prepress departments, where they both develop and correct graphic material with the right craftsmanship. Together, they ensure that the finished carton packaging exudes quality.


In our creative innovation team, we ensure that the production of your packaging gets off to a good start. We tailor solutions for the individual customer - either completely from scratch or based on standards or the customer's own ideas.

In cooperation with the customer, we continuously spar and adjust according to the customer's needs and wishes – for example, whether the customer wants effects such as varnish or foils. It is also possible for us to make physical samples or 3D drawings of the packaging, so that the customer has the best possible prerequisite for evaluating the packaging solution.


In our prepress department, we are responsible for the next step on the way to the optimal packaging. Here, we make sure that the graphic material, which comes from either advertising agencies or from our own development department, has the right production quality and that it will achieve the optimal print.

We go through the files and ensure that the quality is top notch before it goes to print. Afterwards we screen the results and make sure that the result has the desired high quality.

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