Software solutions that streamline your production processes and reduce manual errors.  

The packaging industry is evolving

Your business is accelerating

Customers and clients demand faster deliveries, higher quality, stricter compliance – and all at less cost. Our dedicated software engineers and partners are continually developing end-to-end solutions that help you stay on target.

Automate your labeling process with Schur®Octopus

Schur®Octopus is a software solution that allows you to streamline your marking workflow.

By automating the process of ensuring the right data is applied to the right product, every single time, Octopus helps you increase productivity and eliminate the risk of human error.

NiceLabel Design Software

NiceLabel is an extremely user-friendly software program for designing and printing your labels and barcodes. 

Simple guides and pre-designed templates help you design compatible labels without needing any special knowledge of coding or design. 

Clarisoft Design Software

CLARiSOFT is code and type-independent design software for labeling products, specifically for use with real-time, online packaging labeling and label equipment.

With all design and labeling tasks handled centrally, CLARiSOFT gives you increased control and efficiency with fewer errors, and all with one program.  

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