Flexible Packaging

We offer a lot more than flexible packaging - we offer a unique packaging concept called Schur Star. Schur Star is a combination of premade flexible bags and a versatile packaging machine that matches any product, any packing process, any segment, and any market requirement.

One unique concept. Endless possibilities

Flexible packaging is the right choice for many reasons. The material is great for extending shelf life and it is lightweight which is an advantage when it comes to the logistic parameters. Combining these options with the unrivaled Schur Star machines you will get a high efficient and optimized packaging process - and a holistic solution to match your product.

Let's make flexible packaging part of the solution.

Bagging technology made simple with our Schur®Star Bags

  • Barrier qualities for any need

  • Reclosable zipper and large fill opening

  • Multiple bag formats without tool changes

  • Versatile usage for different industries

  • Bags are linked together = smooth bag intake

  • Different sustainable solutions

The Schur®Star Packaging Machine

  • You can run different formats without any extra tool costs

  • Quick change over and the option to run small series

  • Optimize production resources

  • Multiple filling options

  • Easily to integrate into an existing production setup

  • Easily to combine with other equipment

We've helped more than 500 companies with a Schur®Star Concept

No setup is identical as everything is tailormade for your business and your needs. Learn more about our Schur Star concept right here.

In Australia, we support our clients with rollstock

Our portfolio of rollstock material is versatile and we can find a solution for any needs. Our flexible packaging rewind fits a wide selection of applications, and our material is designed to enhance packaging performance in all markets.

Speak with one of our experienced Schur®Star consultants.

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