Flexible Packaging

Schur®Star is a unique packaging concept: a combination of premade bags and a versatile packaging machine that matches any product, any packing process, any segment, and any market requirement.

Bagging technology made simple

Premade bags tailored to your product specifications are delivered on a unique string. All machineability issues are already solved, so the bags run and fill consistently: no drips, no spills, no downtime.

Schur®Star machines are custom designed and engineered for your production process. Bag intake, opening, filling, sealing and marking can be handled manually or automatically, or configured for a hybrid setup. And because all bags are premade, it’s quick and easy to switch products, bag sizes, and constructions. 


– your full-scale solution for high packing capacity

Schur®Star is a comprehensive solution for high packing capacity. It offers multiple filling options – including horizontal, vertical filling and double index – to suit virtually any product.

Designed for exceptional flexibility, Schur®Star enables you to pack multiple bag formats in a wide range of innovative shapes, or even multiple products, on just one line. Changeovers are quick and easy and there are no additional tooling costs. 

– your agile solution with a minimal footprint

When small and simple is better, Schur®StarLight combines a compact packaging machine with premade and resealable bags or pouches.

Schur®StarLight can be placed almost anywhere on your shop floor and is easy to move from one line to another. Fully customizable, the universal reclosable zipper bags enable you to switch quickly between formats, giving you more productivity with less downtime.  

bags & pouches

Reclosable bags

Indispensable convenience for the modern consumer. Reclosability is an attractive feature on any package that holds reusable items. It preserves the quality of food products that are not consumed at once. It also enables safe storage, without risk of spills or contamination. Schur®Star reclosability features include zippers, resealable labels, and screw caps.

Stand-up bags

Help your product stand up for itself – at home or in the store.

Choose the bottom-gusseted version to give lightweight products extra stability; the Doy version for liquids and semi-liquids; and the box-shaped bottom construction for a rigid shape, even when half empty, and more space to make your branding stand out. 


Compartment bags

Create appealing combinations with two or more compartments.

Design award-winning Zip-Pop bags allow two separate food products – say a meat dish and vegetable side – to be prepared in the microwave so they pop into one compartment at the exact right time. Mix & Squeeze bags keep salad or meat separate from dressing, until a firm squeeze breaks the separating seal to create a mess-free marinade.

Shaped bags

A Schur®Star specialty with many popular applications. 

Schur®Star bags combine an attractive point-of-sale presence with innovative functional benefits. Reclosable Jar Bags are suitable for hot fill, can be sterilized or pasteurized, and offer barrier properties for optimal storage. Shaped bags can be produced in a vast range of shapes, from Christmas trees and fantasy figures to specific brands or logos.

Schur®Star serves the health industries

All pre-made Schur®Star bags remain closed from production to filling. This eliminates the risk of contamination and makes them ideal for applications where hygiene is paramount. Schur®Star packing solutions are used across medical and pharmaceutical industries in products ranging from wet wipes to surgical kits.     

The Schur®Star commitment to sustainability

The Schur®Star sourcing team is constantly exploring new materials to meet your evolving needs. Whether you seek bio-based or fossil based, recyclable, bio-degradable or compostable, we’ll find the right material for you.

Schur raw materials are sourced worldwide from reputable suppliers. We never go for the most convenient option – we always look for the solution that precisely matches your requirements. 

Adapted to your production process

The unique flexibility of the Schur®Star concept means it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing production process. It operates in hot, cold and damp conditions, and is suitable for almost every environment – from in-field produce packing facilities to white room conditions.

The packaging process can be combined with any production process you require, from weighing and counting measures, to modified atmosphere and autoclave. 

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