The Schur®Star Bag

What if you could obtain versatile packaging formats and increase production efficiency without investing in new packaging tools?

The Schur®Star Bag

Is created by using state-of-the-art technologies. Every Schur®Star Bag is tailor-made to your exact needs.
  • Universal bag format

  • Quick change over in production

  • Wide range of sustainable options

  • Any market, any segment, any product

How is the process from the first contact to final bag?

Design Department

The process starts in our design department, where the bag prototypes are developed.

Pre-Press Department

Our pre-press department handles the innovative and eye-catching graphical design that our Schur Star Bags is known for.

Print Department

Our in-house printing department handles virtually any type of printing layouts on some of the worlds most advanced printing machinery.

Laminate Department

The printed, protective, and laminated layers are all then merged in our laminating department.

Bag Making Department

Last, our bagmaking department folds, bends, stamps, welds, and packs the bags and gets them ready to be shipped.

We ship our Schur®Star Bags to more than 500 customers all around the world.

We know that one size does not fit all. - and we make sure that every bag matches your exact needs. Download our Schur Star Bag catalog to see the many different formats and sizes.

Beautiful designs and prints

How exactly does the Schur®Star Flexible Packaging Concept work?

We call it a concept because you will not only get flexible bags – you will also a premium bagging machine and years of know-how. The Schur®Star range offers automated, semi-automated, and manual filling options, incredibly short changeover times, and very low waste levels. So, how will the Schur®Star Packaging Machine bring you value?

Schur®Star Packaging Machine

  • You can fill different sizes and shapes without any extra tools

  • Quick change over

  • Easy to run small series

  • Optimization of production resources

  • Multiple filling options

In Australia, we support our clients with rollstock

Our portfolio of rollstock material is versatile and we can find a solution for any needs. Our flexible packaging rewind fits a wide selection of applications, and our material is designed to enhance packaging performance in all markets.

Have questions?

Ask one of our experienced Schur®Star consultants in your local area to learn more.

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