Pouches for
Kinetic Sand

Delta of Sweden is an innovative and dynamic technology company based in Halmstad, Sweden. The company specializes in the creation and development of unique and distinctive compounds based on their own patented technologies.

In 1997, Delta of Sweden pioneered the sand category within the activity toys market and invented the original formable play sand. Delta of Sweden gained patent on the technology, and today their technology is licensed by Spin Master with the brand Kinetic Sand.

Delta of Sweden produces and packs the kinetic sand on behalf of Spin Master and for this task they use – among others - the Schur Star systems.

When looking for pouches, we needed a solution which could stand, be reclosed, carry the weight of the sand, and look great on the shelves. At the same time, we needed a pouch with a handle and a pouch of excellent quality. So, we were not just looking for a standard pouch, and in close collaboration with Schur and Spin Master, we found a solution that could solve all the above criteria and needs. We are very pleased with the collaboration with Schur, and they are great at navigating in the partnership between us and Spin Master. We experience an amazing flexibility, and we are grateful for our cooperation.

Josefine Henriksson
Manager Business Development and Project Manager

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