Packaging tailored
for purpose

Creativity is the cornerstone of everything we do. We unite deep market insights and our natural curiosity to solve your functional, promotional and regulatory challenges. 

Creative solutions for complex trends

Increasing sustainability preferences

Create genuinely sustainable packaging easily using our expertise in raw materials and alternative pack design.

Product differentiation

Integrate almost any design into our quality packaging solutions and ensure your product gets the attention it deserves.

Changing lifestyles

As busy consumers demand healthier choices and variety on the go, we provide flexibility to create convenient new features.  

New standards and requirements

With expertise in some of the most regulated industries, we provide creative applications to ensure you reach the standards.  

Sustainable design?
It’s all part of the package

We are continually co-creating innovative and sustainable packaging solutions with our customers. With vast experience of mono materials and pure fibers, we can ensure that more of your packaging enters the circular economy.

Our independence from any single raw material source means that we can always choose the best to meet your needs. Our Code of Conduct guarantees that your sustainably sourced solutions remain certifiable from first sample to final batch.

Make your brand stand out on the shelf

As well as delivering exceptional functional properties, we can also ensure your packaging tells your brand story in many other ways.

Textures, patterns, colors, fonts, and even full surface artwork, can all be applied to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Hot or cold foil embossing can add an additional touch of quality, while even simple packaging features, such as die-cutting or window inserts, can have a positive impact on customers’ perceptions and preferences.

Creative solutions for changing lifestyles

Consumer choices are increasingly trending towards individual portions, more variety, and convenience on the go.

Our flexible packaging platforms make it easy to adapt to these trends. From solutions that support extended product freshness, to user-friendly features like reclosable seals and compartments, you can quickly develop attractive new options to suit busy lifestyles.

Embrace new standards
and regulations

With expertise in some of the most regulated industries in the world, we provide creative application solutions to ensure your product packaging meets the most stringent standards.

For instance, you can combine a white room packaging solution with pre-made and customizable bags or cartons. This helps you assure that your products are packed in a controlled environment with the lowest level of contaminants.


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