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Bringing smart products into your world has always been part of our business

With more than 175 years in the packaging business, we know good quality manufacturing when we see it. That’s why we are constantly seeking innovative new products that can make everyday life easier.

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Ice cube bags

The easy way to make and store ice- and juice cubes. 

Ice cube bags come in various shapes and sizes. And now with “Self-Seal” and “Easy Release”, they are more convenient than ever.    

Ice cube bags with knot closing

Freeze ice cubes, sauces, fondue, juices and stock. 

We have further developed our well-known ice cube bag so that in addition to water, you can also freeze sauces, fondue, juices and cooking stock. Use “Self-Seal” for water and knot-closing for thicker liquids. 

Ice cube heart bags

This version of our ice cube bags create heart-shaped ice cubes for romantic or fun occasions.

Still, with the “Self-Seal” and “Easy Release”, they are more convenient than ever.    

Snack bag with zip

0,75 liter snack bag with reclosable zipper. 

A handy snack bag that closes tightly to ensure that food remains fresh and the taste is preserved. Ideal for fruits, vegetables or nuts. 

Schur Baking Bag

A clean and ingenious invention for baking. 

Say goodbye to dishes and greasy fingers. With Schur's Baking Bag, baking becomes a breeze. Use the bag to mix, knead, leaven and shape your dough. Simply put all the ingredients directly into the bag and start mixing. 



Thermo bag

Keeps your hot and cold food fresh. 

A reusable bag that maintains temperature. Suitable for food storage. Not suitable for oven, microwave or dishwasher. Can be cleaned with a clean wet cloth. 

Keep out of the reach of children. 



1 & 3 Liter bags with zip

Our 1 and 3 Liter bags with zip and reclosing are perfect for freezing food and the like.

The product contains 25 1 liter bags and 25 3 liter bags – both with zips.


Anti-drip wine pourer. 

DropStop® is an anti-drip pouring spout. Placed into the bottle neck, it "stops" the drop and ensures a perfect pour. Invented in the 1980s by a Danish designer, DropStop® has become a favourite of wine lovers and professionals the world over. 

Tea filter

Make tea and avoid loose tea leaves in your pot or cup. 

This smart tea filter makes everyday life easier for those who enjoy a cup of tea. It is also environmentally friendly. The tea filter is held in place by the lid, or lowered into the cup.  

Serving filter for tea

A convenient way to serve your guests their preferred tea. 

The tea bag is in fine-pore paper, which is suitable for contact with food. The serving filter is for use directly in the cup, with the stick inserted through the filter and placed on the edge of the cup. 

Tea filter with string

Avoid leaves in your tea with this closable filter. 

Close the filter with a single pull of the string, so that the tea leaves stay in the bag. 


New smart cover film with elastic edge - available in 2 sizes. 

With EazyCover you can easily and quickly cover food. Fits most bowls and dishes and can be used in the refrigerator and freezer. EazyCover has a diameter of 36 cm, while EazyCover Mini has a diameter of 26 cm. Both are suitable for contact with food. Available in Denmark only.

Party tablecloth

Party tablecloth with Danish flag. 

Cloth in water-repellent material. Perfect for children's birthdays, street parties and student gatherings. 

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