Do you want safety, purity, and precision?

Schur®Star is the solution to match white room conditions. We offer the perfect packaging process for the pharmaceutical and medical segments. 

What we offer

The Schur®Star concept is the obvious choice for your packaging of pharma and medical elements. Our large variety of pre-made bags combined with consistency, simplicity, and the white room compatibility of the Schur®Star Packaging Machine will make your packaging process simple and effective.

Versatile bag shapes and sizes

We have many years of experience within the packaging of medical and pharmaceutical segments. We have used this experience to produce the best bags in the market presenting you with multiple options. Applicable for all bags are these unique features:

  • Premade bags ensures safety, purity, and precision in the packaging process.

  • Sterilizable bags with unique features to ensure great sanitation.
  • Different shapes, colors, and designs are available.

  • Packed on our unique Schur®Star machines, you will minimize the footprint and optimize your packaging.

Let us help you with your packaging needs.

Schur®Star serves many companies within the Medical & Pharma segment.

The Schur®Star Cannabis Bagger

When you want the best packaging of your dried cannabis flowers, the Schur ®Star concept is the answer.

Low drop height, accurate weight, automated filling system, and a wide bag opening are just some of the advantages our flexible packaging system offers you. In addition, you will get a quick change-over, a high filling capacity, and the optimal packaging material to protect the delicate flowers. 

Schur®Star system for Medical & Pharma

One unique system. Endless possibilities!

One machine. Plenty of advantages.

The Schur®Star packaging machine is ideal for packing medical and pharmaceutical equipment. Let us tell you why:

  • The machine has a very large fill opening - designed to ease the packing of complicated products.

  • The filling line is long - this makes it possible to fill the bags over several steps.

  • Filling can be manually, semi- or fully automatically.

  • The machine runs multiple bag formats without additional tooling costs.

  • Additional equipment is easily incorporated in the packing process.

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