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Packaging systems for retail and transport

Need a full-line machine solution for carton or flexible retail packaging, specialty packaging, or transport packaging? Or a counting and packaging system? 

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Packaging machines

Carton retail packaging

Endload, topload, sleeving and vertical endload carton solutions. 

We supply solutions that cover a broad range of carton applications, including forming, filling, closing, and packing. As well as manufacturing and marketing our own cartoning machines, we are also a global distributor for KLIKLOK®Senzani and other leading cartoning machine providers. 

Flexible retail packaging

Welcome to the world’s most flexible packaging concept. 

Pioneered by Schur, the Schur®Star range offers automated and manual filling options, incredibly short changeover times, and very low waste levels. Choose Schur®Star for full-scale operations and Schur®StarLight for a more agile solution with a smaller footprint.

Transport packaging

Integrated solutions that prepare products for transit. 

Our transport packaging solutions include the versatile and compact Tray and Wrap-Around Packer for filling completely cardboard boxes and trays, and the WA12 Case Packer (Senzani) for side-loading products in American or wrap-around cases. We also supply TL2 automated product handling solutions for products handled through the composition of consolidated modules.  

Schur Taping Machine

Fully automated taping for keeping tins airtight.  

The Schur Taping Machine has been developed for taping the join between the bottom of a tin and its lid. Ideal for use with biscuits, cookies and confectionery, the fully automated Taping Machine ensures that tins of any size or shape stay perfectly airtight.  

Counting & Packaging Systems

Integrated and flexible solutions for counting and portioning products. 

Schur®V-Batcher counts and forms selected portion sizes using vision technology. The process is completely touch-free and gentle on sensitive products. Schur®V-Batcher can be integrated with Schur bagging systems and Schur®Star. 

Schur Complete Bakery Line

Complete packing line running from oven to pallet. 

Carefully and efficiently handles all types of baked goods through the entire transport from oven to pallet, untouched by human hand. Can be combined with the Schur Infeeder, Schur Cookie Stacker, and with Schur’s Tray-, Box-, Tin Automatic packer for pleated paper cups.  

Logistics systems for newspaper printing, distribution centers and packaging production

Our logistics solutions are designed to increase your productivity and reduce your reliance on costly manual handling processes.  

We design and implement intelligent systems for the handling of direct mail, efficient solutions for the modern packaging printing industry, and high-performance palletizing systems used by variety of industries worldwide.

Logistics systems

Packaging production

Pallet logistic systems and pile preparation units. 

Our high-tech pallet logistic solutions and automated pile preparation units deliver on all requirements of the modern packaging production industryHighly automated, they reduce manual processes to a minimum and contribute to improved ergonomics and productivity. 

Palletizing products

Flexible and reliable palletizing for a wide range of products.   

Our logistics portfolio includes a wide variety of pallet handling solutions, ranging from layer palletizers to robot palletizers. Designed with flexibility and reliability in mind, Schur palletizing systems can be custom configured to deliver the precise functionalities you need, such as top sheet application, bundle turning for flexible pallet layer patterns, and various other pallet finishing possibilities.  


Distribution centers

Intelligent handling of direct mail and promotional prints. 

Developed for distribution centers that deal with door-to-door delivery of direct mail, our high-volume concept is designed to save you time and money. Able to handle single copy and bundle addressing, adjust stacking automatically for size, and to sort and load up to 120 bundles/minute, the system centralizes and automates all labour-intensive routines to improve precision and minimize waste.  

Newspaper printing

Post-press mailroom solutions that add value and increase efficiency.  


Schur’s high-capacity mailroom solutions integrate conveyors, inserting machines, stackers and addressers in one streamlined workflow. Next, our packaging, sorting and loading, and labeling systems ensure the accurate transportation of bundles to the loading bay or pallet. NOVA, our PC control system, coordinates every component at every step, giving you total control from a single point of entry. 

Taking automation to the next level

At Schur, we are always exploring new frontiers to bring you better, more efficient, and less labor-intensive solutions.

One of our key focus areas today is to combine our world-class hardware with innovative software that can automate and control all components throughout the production process.

From automated guided vehicles (AGVs), to smart conveyor belts, we are continually working to bring you the shopfloor of the future.

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