Machines & Automation

Your product and productivity goals drive our innovation. Choose Schur as your technology partner, and you gain access to all the technical expertise and hands-on support you need to implement a faster, safer, and more resource-efficient production process.

Packaging systems for retail and transport

Need a full-line machine solution for carton or flexible retail packaging, specialty packaging, or transport packaging? Or a counting and packaging system? 

We’re here to help.

Packaging machines

Logistics systems for newspaper printing, distribution centers and packaging production

Our logistics solutions are designed to increase your productivity and reduce your reliance on costly manual handling processes.  

We design and implement intelligent systems for the handling of direct mail, efficient solutions for the modern packaging printing industry, and high-performance palletizing systems used by variety of industries worldwide.

Logistics systems

Taking automation to the next level

At Schur, we are always exploring new frontiers to bring you better, more efficient, and less labor-intensive solutions.

One of our key focus areas today is to combine our world-class hardware with innovative software that can automate and control all components throughout the production process.

From automated guided vehicles (AGVs), to smart conveyor belts, we are continually working to bring you the shopfloor of the future.

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