Schur®Star Packaging Machine

What if you could be efficient in your production and still have the freedom to differentiate your product?

The Schur®Star Packaging Machine is available in two platforms.


One unique concept. Endless possibilities.

Schur®Star is a comprehensive solution for high packaging flexibility. It offers multiple filling options – including horizontal and vertical filling – to suit virtually any product. The bagging machine can be built to handle manual filling, semi-automatic filling, or full-automatic filling.

Designed for exceptional flexibility, Schur®Star enables you to pack multiple bag formats in a wide range of innovative shapes, or even multiple products, on just one line. Changeovers are quick and easy and there are no additional tooling costs.


When smaller is better.

Schur®StarLight is your agile solution with a minimal footprint.

The platform combines a compact flexible packaging machine with premade and resealable bags or pouches.

Schur®StarLight can be placed almost anywhere on your shop floor since it runs on just 240 volts. Being equipped with wheels, it is easy to move from one line to another. The universal reclosable zipper bags enable you to switch quickly between formats, giving you more productivity with less downtime.

We always customize to fit your needs

Our Schur®Star packaging machine is everything with our universal Schur®Star Bags

Schur®Star Bags

  • Barrier qualities for any need

  • Reclosable zipper and large fill opening

  • Multiple bag formats without tool changes

  • Versatile usage for different industries

  • Bags are linked together = smooth bag intake

  • Different sustainable solutions


Serves many different industries

With more than 500 happy customers around the world, we know that our solution easily integrates into all productions, from fresh produce, toys, meat to pharma, or all applications in between.

If you want to learn how we have helped a customer to close the loop in their production by using our unique flexible packaging concept, you can read the case right here.

In Australia, we support our clients with rollstock

Our portfolio of rollstock material is versatile and we can find a solution for any needs. Our flexible packaging rewind fits a wide selection of applications, and our material is designed to enhance packaging performance in all markets.

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