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Sustainable Schur®Star Solutions

Flexible packaging is the effective choice

In consideration of its weight and volume, flexible packaging is a cost effective packaging solution. Not only when looking at its qualities for product preservation and protection – but also in terms of logistical advantages in storage, handling, and transportation throughout the entire supply chain.

From an environmental point of view, the overall objective is to provide solutions with the lowest possible carbon emissions. Single-source flexibles are reusable in established recycle streams to form part of a circular economy. New and increasingly sustainable flexible materials are constantly developed, parallelly with the growing need to meet requirements from the industry and the public, and last but not least to comply with legislation.

Sustainability of a packaging solutions can be improved by using single-source solutions, preferably bio-based, but also fossil-based. And skillful engineering has resulted in sustainable solutions that do not compromise on the properties and functionalities of the pack.

The choice can however still be conflicting. Not only the very product determines the requirements set on the material properties and the packaging functionalities. Product processing, the packing process, logistical issues, its role at POS in supporting an image and a brand value, and finally its functionality with the end user -  all circumstances that need to be considered when choosing the packaging material.

So the packer often stands in a situation where he has to meet conflicting requirements.

Often, non-food packaging needs to protect against abrasion and mechanical impact – for which a sturdy, strong and tear & puncture resistant solution is required. Whereas other non-food products require not only mechanical protection, but also barrier qualities – e.g. in the pharma-medical sector.

For many food products, the situation is more complex. Although protective qualities are still required, there are other circumstances to take into consideration. The recent pandemic has taught us to avoid contamination resulting from the consumer touching the products when making her selection. For fresh product, the ability of retaining moisture is crucial. And not to speak of food that is processed to prolong  shelf life - by gas flush, hot fill, or pasteurization: The packaging must provide barrier qualities to preserve the contents, prolong shelf life, and ultimately prevent food waste.

It goes without saying that sustainability is not that simple, neither is the choice of the optimal packaging material. But the key remains an overall perspective, taking into consideration both the requirements set by the product itself, as well as the overall and objective consideration of its environmental footprint.

As a conclusion, the overall environmental footprint of flexible packaging is a result of not only an extremely low packaging-to-product ratio: Much less material is required for much more product. Reduced weight and volume throughout the entire supply chain contribute to reducing the environmental footprint, as does the reduced packaging material in the packaging waste stream.

Add to this the fact that flexible packaging retains its ability to reduce food waste.

Schur®Star Systems are continuously monitoring the market to be updated on new developments, and we are at your service in your search for the perfect solution.

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Some of our sustainable solutions

For the Schur®Star Concept we source raw materials from reputable suppliers worldwide. Our sourcing team continuously monitors the world market to source the newest material developments, enabling us to meet your requirements.

Paper solutions

PE solutions

PE laminates


CPP solutions


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PIR solutions

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