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Schur Values

Familializing" our customers!

This is what we mean:

All our activities – including thinking – are based on the customer, the customer’s needs and situation. We spend a lot of time with the customer because we understand the Schur meaning of ‘presence’.

We investigate and carry out assignments at the customer's company together with the customer. We relieve pressure, we anticipate events and we share our knowledge and creativity with the customer. We make the customer feel safe and secure, because we offer full service to all departments at the customer's company which we come into contact with.

We never let our customer down!

We focus on the working processes at Schur which are of importance to the customer.

Constant care!

This is what we mean:

Constant care implies an active and consistent focus on customer matters.

It is the sense of responsibility for the company as a whole which motivates the initiative and which makes us follow up on things - also across departments and companies in the group.

We do not simply supply our customers with packaging! We supply them with reliability, professional and personal satisfaction, success and results.

Care for the customer is the red thread which runs throughout all our work.

We talk about 'my' and 'our' responsibility - not 'the others' and 'their' responsibility.

Through constructive feedback we help each other to make constant improvements in the quality of the work we perform.

We think before we act!

This is what we mean:

Value creating actions depend on reflection and foresight. Careful consideration prior to action is good investment. When a number of people think collectively, the result will be even better.

Careful consideration prior to action is productive, because the realization and result of the action thereby become effective.

Thinking paves the way for new and improved methods of performance.

Then, when we act, we do it so much more wholeheartedly and consistently.

Therefore: We think before we act - but we do act.

We walk the talk!

This is what we mean:

Consistency in word and action creates initiative and motivation in a company such as ours.

We are absolutely certain that inconsistency creates stagnation, discouragement and an inappropriate attitude towards responsibility.

Consistency at Schur relates to the listing of goals which are ambitious, yet realistic.

We all lose out when basically unrealistic goals are accepted.

We do what we say!



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