Innovative packaging solution for plants

Innovative packaging solution for plants

Through a close collaborative effort, Schur and Blackmore Company have developed a retail sleeve for the horticulture sector.

More specifically, we have designed a packaging machine and a carton sleeve to handle the packaging of plants at 13 centimeters or higher. Along with Blackmore Company, the idea has been to eliminate the plastic pots that most people are familiar with from supermarkets and garden centers. Instead, our retail sleeve for plants is both more sustainable, as it can be reused as carton, but in combination with the packaging machine, our solution also has a further range of benefits.

On-demand printing of brand names

We have combined the packaging machine with a printer from our labeling department, providing a huge advantage in production in terms of flexibility. Whereas the common solution would involve applying labels to large shipments immediately, with our machine solution it is now possible to print them on-demand. This means that you only need to know the name of the buying company once the order is ready to being shipped out. If an order falls through, you avoid suddenly being left with tens of thousands of plastic pots ready to be thrown out as the company name is already labeled to the packaging. This provides a much higher degree of flexibility in that part of the production process.

Less plastic and fewer man-hours

As explained, our solution helps reduce packaging waste as you would no longer find yourself in situations where you would need to discard large orders of plastic pots directly in the trash. Overall, this helps reduce plastic waste in production by up to 95%. Additionally, our machine is designed for robots to handle the packing of the plants. It is still possible to do it manually, and then you can always add the robot-solution later on – thus avoiding the need for a completely new packaging machine if you change your mind over time. Overall, up to 70% man-hours are saved with this solution.