Christmas project - 2022

Christmas project - 2022

Every year, Schur develops a special Christmas present for customers, suppliers, and collaborators. The Christmas present is our way of saying thank you for the collaboration throughout the year.

Ever since we started making the Christmas presents, the project has been associated with high ambitions, attention to detail, and a good story. At the same time, the present is used to show our competences within design and construction from our various business areas. When we develop the present, nothing is left to chance. Our constructors put a lot of effort into designing the present and they really unleash their creativity to show a wide range of skills and features. In addition, the design and construction are made to support the product and the story of the present. The development and design process starts in January, and mid-August the present is being produced, where after it is packaged and shipped to all selected recipients around the world in December.

Made in collaboration with a customer
Every year, the present is made in collaboration with one of our customers with the customer providing a product for the present. This year, the present is co-created with the Australian tea brand: T2. Their design line has inspired us to design the present in bright and happy colours. The present contains three different teas from T2 and Schur’s own tea bags, which are a part of our consumer product range. Each tea flavor and the tea bags are packed in its own box with different designs, colours and details on.

Focus on details and competences
The Christmas present always focuses on showing a wide range of our competences. That's why we don't hold back on beautiful details and unique designs. This year, the present consists of a shipment box with a zipper function to ensure the box is easy to open. Inside the shipment box, we have constructed buffer walls which protect the inner box during shipment. Inside the shipment box, you will find the present including a Christmas greeting from the Schur family and the four boxes of tea and tea bags. When the box is unfolded, the small boxes with tea will appear and unfold. Once the big box is being closed, the small boxes will close themselves. Our designers have used features such as hot foil, cold foil, UV-varnish, glossy effects, and 3D embossing to highlight and emphasize the different patterns and text.

In the video below, you can watch a presentation of this year’s Christmas present and view all the details and construction of the present.