Collaboration between Ag-Pak and Schur

Collaboration between Ag-Pak and Schur

Ag-Pak is one of the oldest and most respected packaging companies with its base in the US. They combine their own machines with equipment from different external suppliers – and now, they have also signed an agency agreement with Schur®Star Systems.

Ag-Pak is a manufacturer and systems integrator of produce packaging lines and equipment. The company is family-owned and was founded in 1963. In the 1980’s, Ag-Pak was appointed the exclusive North American distributor for the NEWTEC® line of weighers and baggers. Since then, NEWTEC® and Ag-Pak have expanded into optical grading and sizing machinery.

With agencies on equipment from external suppliers, Ag-Pak is a considerable player in the American produce packaging equipment market. Thus, it is an important strategic move for Schur®Star Systems Inc. to sign an agency agreement with Ag-Pak. Johan Schur, CEO of Schur International and 6th generation of the 175-year-old family-owned group, explains:

“When it comes to packaging equipment, Ag-Pak is without doubt one of the most consolidated and well-known companies on the American market. To enter a partnership with them is an amazing opportunity for our activities in the US, and we have high expectations for the collaboration. The Schur®Star concept is a great match with the rest of Ag-Pak’s packaging portfolio, and we have made many successful installations together, which makes this a natural next step in our collaboration. Ag-Pak’s strong presence in the produce industry is a perfect fit as we have many years of experience in producing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for fresh produce".

The Schur®Star concept consists of a packaging machine and pre-made flexible bags. The bags can be made in different shapes with different closing systems, barriers, and prints. One of the many strengths of the concept is the flexibility of the machine and easy changeover, where every bag size and design can be packed on the same machine. Andy Currie, CEO of Ag-Pak, elaborates:

“The Schur®Star concept is very unique, and we are confident its capabilities will match many of the needs of our customers. Schur®Star machines are custom designed and engineered for the customer’s individual production process. And because all bags are premade, it’s quick and easy to switch products, bag sizes, and bag styles. Furthermore, the machine’s consistency and very low waste levels are crucial parameters for any efficient production facility. In addition to this, Schur is a well-established player and the values of the organization go hand-in-hand with our way of delivering customer satisfaction and service.”

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