Schur Labels expand with flexo plate production
01-03-2023 - Schur Labels

Schur Labels expand with flexo plate production

In August 2022, Schur's brand-new flexo cliché center was ready for use, and since then, many flexo plates have been produced. The new center ensures efficient and flexible production of labels, and a new certification endorses the quality.

Schur produces labels using both digital printing machines and flexographic machines. When producing labels on flexo machines, clichés – also called flexo plates – are used. With a flexo plate center right next to the printing machines, we at Schur ensure efficient production that can quickly be reconfigured, contributing to maintaining consistent, high quality, and short delivery times for customers.

Flexible and Efficient Production

At Schur, we have many years of experience in label production, and with the new plate center, we manufacture flexo plates specifically tailored to our printing machines. This ensures high quality from the beginning to the end of the production process. With the new flexo plate center, we are independent of suppliers, contributing to a more flexible and efficient production.

Flexo Plate Production in One Hour

The production has not only become more flexible but also faster in getting a flexo plate ready for the printing machines. One of the driving forces behind the new center is Anders Jørn Brunse, the Prepress Manager at Schur Labels. He explains:

"With our flexo plate center, we have truly optimized and streamlined our production. We have the latest technologies and the most modern equipment to manufacture flexo plates. With that, we can produce a flexo plate in just one hour. We no longer have to wait for a new delivery from a supplier if a cliché needs to be replaced. With the new flexo plate center, we can quickly proceed with production, contributing to our ability to deliver the finished labels quickly and on time.

Modern Production Ensures High and Consistent Quality

In the development of the new plate center, it has been crucial from the beginning to ensure consistently high quality in the printed materials. Therefore, the flexo plate workshop is equipped with the latest technologies in plate production, contributing to a modern and efficient production.

By using Esko's XPS Crystal LED lighting, we ensure that the plates are always exposed to the correct lighting. Additionally, the plate center is equipped with humidification and air conditioning systems that maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the room. With DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST technology, we ensure a short production time without the use of chemicals, minimizing power consumption as we are completely free from drying time. According to DuPont, the technology has the least possible environmental impact on the market.

All these factors and the latest equipment ensure that the plates are produced in the same high quality every time, which is reflected significantly in the finished labels.

Certification is a Sign of Quality

In early 2023, Schur received an Esko XPS Crystal certification, becoming the first label printer in Scandinavia to achieve this recognition. The certification is a seal of quality, affirming that the production of flexo plates and printing meets the highest standards.

"We are very pleased to have received one of the most prestigious recognitions in the industry and to be acknowledged among the best. We highly value being able to deliver the high quality that we believe our customers and their products deserve," says Anders Jørn Brunse.