The baton is passed on from 5th to 6th generation

The baton is passed on from 5th to 6th generation

June 2nd, Schur was able to celebrate its 175th anniversary as a family-owned company, but that is not the only huge milestone for the international group in 2021. From July 1st, a planned and structured generational succession became official, and the daily management was entrusted to the 6th generation.

Back in 1846, Johan Wilhelm Schur opened a lithographic workshop in the heart of Horsens. This became the starting point of a company which today is one of the largest end-to-end suppliers within packaging solutions. Today, the base is still in Horsens, where a huge part of the production is still placed. In addition to this, Schur has locations in the US, Australia, Sweden, and Germany, and the group employs around 850 employees across different companies.

Characteristic for Schur is the fact that the company has been family-owned through 175 years. One generation after another has taken on the responsibility of managing and developing the company – and now it is time for the 6th generation to take the chair. Hans Schur, 5th generation and resigned CEO for Schur International A/S, says:

“The official date for the generational succession was July 1st, but it is not a handover that has happened overnight. Since 2007, we have focused on involving the 6th generation more and more in the management and daily operation of Schur”.

At the same time, Hans emphasizes that it has been really important for him to ensure that the 6th generation has been 100 % ready for the task and responsibility:

“In the family, we have always focused on hands-on management, and it has been important for us to stay grounded and keep a closeness to the entire business. Thus, the 6th generation has also had specific operational- and management responsibilities for a longer period of time. I am certain that they are now more than ready to take on the responsibility of managing our old family company”, Hans Schur says. He will still continue as Chairman of the Board for all companies in the group.

The daily management has been handed over to the two sons, Hans Christian and Johan, while their sister Anna Katharina is a part of the owner-group and the group’s CSR work. Hans Christian Schur says:

”The company has never stood stronger than it does right now, and we will take on this task with pride, delight, and humbleness. Of course, we will carry all the great Schur values on, and we are happy that our father is still a part of the journey. At the same time, we fully recognize how lucky we are with our employees – we know, that they will help us carry the task. So, we are optimistic and excited about the future”.