Unique collaboration with TaylorMade Golf

Unique collaboration with TaylorMade Golf

To celebrate Schur’s 175th anniversary, we have collaborated with our valued business partner, TaylorMade Golf, on making a truly unique Schur golf ball and very customized packaging. The golf balls and the packaging have been made as a special anniversary gift for Schur’s collaborators and customers. In addition to this, it has been arranged with local golf clubs in Horsens, Denmark, that they will sell the golf balls to guests and members with the purpose of proceeding the benefit to support the youth sections of the clubs. 

A one-of-a-kind golf ball
As a part of Schur’s anniversary celebration, the family wished to create a unique give-away to customers and business partners. At the same time, they wished to create this give-away in close collaboration with one of Schur’s loyal business partners with the purpose of emphasizing how important a close collaboration with the customers is to Schur.

All of the above has resulted in the creation of a golf ball – in close collaboration with TaylorMade. The golf ball has the number “175” as well as small Schur logos printed on it. The ball is unique due to the fact that Schur is the first company ever in the world to get a multi-logo golf ball with TaylorMade’s pixTM technology. The technology makes it easier to focus on the ball, while enhancing overall visibility and alignment. If you are enthusiastic about golf, you know that this ball is the latest within the sport and that TaylorMade’s golf balls have never been made with three digits as they have done for Schur.

Ground-breaking design, packed with features.
The anniversary packaging is created in a brand-new format, which has never been seen before in the golf industry. The packaging contains six balls and is shaped as a long, narrow box. One of the very special features is the “release” function, which makes it possible to “pour” the ball out of the box. At the same time, the packaging is preservable as it can be reused, if you are lucky enough to have any golf balls left after playing.

In addition to this, the packaging is designed with features such as hotfoil, emboss, deboss with microstructure, and gradients in the blue color, creating effects by utilizing the metalized raw material. The packaging is made in Schur’s anniversary colors. It is a really impressive and unique golf packaging, and Schur has registered a design-patent on the packaging.