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Schur Technology - a partner you can rely on!

Packaging systems - from processing line to palletizing

Schur Technology is a leading North European total supplier of packaging solutions. We have half a century's experience with the development of machines for retail packaging in cartons,plastic and marking systems.

In other words, choosing Schur Technology your supplier will give you access to our fully integrated packaging line, covering every step of the way from the moment when a product leaves the processing line and until it is finally palletized – including the high level of service which is an inherent part of the activities of a supplier who always puts the customer at the centre. And that is just what we do at Schur.

Total Supplier

As part of Schur, Schur Technology is also part of an international packaging group. You will therefore be able to purchase all the customized specialty packaging you need through Schur – and remain fully confident that all the individual elements in your packaging line will match each other perfectly. Our close collaboration with the packaging divisions ensures that all machines are developed to closely match the requirements of the packaging materials, while our targeted customer focus means that each individual solution can be customized to accurately meet all the customer's needs.

A part of an unique organization

Schur Technology consist of Marking and Packaging. We have specialised in packaging and marking systems for the food and beverage industries, as well as a broad selection of non-food industries.

The goal of Schur Technology is to ensure the customer optimum efficiency and reliability. Our solutions may, therefore, contribute to improving your business.