Grow Up Farm

Pea shoots are grown in an
innovative Schur®Star pouch

Schur®Star Systems Europe and Grow Up Farm have in a close collaboration developed a new innovative packaging, in which pea shoots can grow in the bottom.

There is always a need to create new solutions within packaging that can add value to a product and prolong its lifecycle. The Eat-grow-repeat pouch is a good example of this. The Danish company Grow Up Farm packs pea shoots in it, but the innovative part of the packaging is in the bottom of the pouch, from where fresh pea shoots can grow. Consumers can then buy fresh pea shoots, and once they are harvested, only water needs to be added, after which new shoots will appear and grow. The packaging concept functions by removing the top part of the packaging, so the bottom acts as a planter. From here, new pea shoots can grow and supply consumers with fresh pea shoots more than once.

Nominated for innovation awards

The completely new way of packing pea shoots has led to the Eat-grow-repeat bag being nominated for several innovation awards. Normally, pea shoots are packed without roots in a plastic bag, and when the consumer has eaten the pea shoots, the product's lifecycle is over. With the new way of packing them, the product's lifecycle is extended, and consumers get a longer-lasting value to their purchase. The pea shoots from Grow Up Farm were already packed on a Schur®Star machine, and Schur has now helped Grow Up Farm develop the new and innovative packaging, which is also packed on a Schur®Star machine.

When we develop solutions for our customers, collaboration and dialogue are crucial. By identifying the needs of our customers and understanding their business, together we can find the right packaging solution for them or even develop new types of packaging adding great value to the customer and their end users. With impressive nominations for various innovation awards, the Eat-grow-repeat bag is a good example of how far we can go with close collaboration with our customers.

Martin Ditlev Olsen

Sales Director, Schur Star Europe

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