Sustainable plant growing solutions

Jiffy has a strong vision within sustainability when it comes to their packaging solutions and pots. Therefore, when Jiffy wanted to remove all plastic packaging from their Jiffy Pot range, their Global Product Manager, Alf Andersen, contacted Schur Pack Denmark to learn about the possibilities of using cardboard. Alf Andersen elaborates:

“As a company, we have had a wish to find a sustainable alternative to the flexible plastic solutions found on the market today. We also get more and more inquiries from our customers on this matter. We collaborate with Schur on different projects, but in this specific matter, our customer wanted to change a plastic bag to a cardboard sleeve. In addition, the customer wanted to find an alternative solution to the plastic sign with plant instructions that comes with the product.”

Once Jiffy had presented the project for Schur Pack Denmark, the creative department at Schur started working on different solutions. One of the primary challenges with the project was the fact that the packaging would be exposed to water and placed in humid surroundings. Normally, these are not great conditions for cardboard. Lars Søndberg, Area Sales Manager from Schur Pack Denmark, explains:

“It’s no secret that plastic is more robust when it comes to water and dirt, and it has been key for both Jiffy and us that the end-consumer would not end up with soft, dissolved, or ruined packaging. Therefore, our internal designers have worked hard on finding the right cardboard material without the need of using any coating. Though it has taken some adjustment rounds, we have now landed on a really great design that is reusable. We have also eliminated the enclosed plastic sign as this is now made of cardboard and integrated into the design as well.”

At Jiffy, they have received great responses from their customers on the solution.

“We launched the new cardboard sleeve earlier this year, and we have heard only positive comments on it. The collaboration with Schur has been nothing but great as they have been innovative, receptive to changes, and shown a high level of commitment and drive. They have provided us with a unique solution that is not easy for our competitors to copy, and we have reached an important milestone on our sustainability agenda.”

Alf Andersen

Global Product Manager

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