Christmas Project – 2023
10-01-2024 - Schur International Holding Group

Christmas Project – 2023

Once again, Schur has developed a special Christmas gift for customers, suppliers, and collaborators. The Christmas present is our way of saying thank you for a good year and for the continued collaboration.

The idea behind our Christmas project has always been to do something extra for our customers – and hopefully, in doing so, create a better and closer collaboration in the future. We approach this every year through a willingness to showcase some of our many skills in design and construction across our various business areas. In the Christmas project, we also like to take risks and try techniques and constructions that we haven't necessarily worked with much before – if we may say so ourselves, it usually turns out very well. However, it is a demanding process, and that's why our creative department is already fully engaged in this year's Christmas project, in order to have it ready before Christmas.

A close collaboration with Liljeholmen

The Christmas project is always produced in collaboration with a customer, and this year, we have had a very good and close collaboration with the candle manufacturer, Liljeholmen. Liljeholmen has provided the product for this year's Christmas project in the form of four beautiful candles intended for the Advent Wreath. In addition, Schur has included four candle holders in the present, making it easy to place the candles directly on the wreath. Thus, Liljeholmen's product has inspired us to create a carton version of an Advent Wreath.

Different design effects and a focus on recycling

As mentioned, we see the Christmas project as an opportunity to showcase something extraordinary both in terms of design and construction. Since the candles have a bit of weight and could easily damage the packaging, the construction of the packaging has been a crucial part of the design process. To strengthen the construction during the shipment of the gift, we made the outer packaging more robust, but with the idea of also getting something extra out of the additional packaging. This is where our Labels department came into the project. The extra "thickness" in the packaging was turned into small drawers, which Schur Labels filled with labels that can be used as gift tags and other Christmas decorations.

Considering that a significant amount of cardboard was used in this year's Christmas present, it has been important for us that the packaging itself is worth saving. Therefore, in the design process, it has been crucial that the gift box is worth keeping for future use, whether for storage or wrapping other Christmas presents. To make the gift box appealing for wrapping Christmas gifts, this year we experimented with various hot foils, embossing, and lacquer effects, adding an extra touch to the packaging.

In the video below, you can watch a presentation of this year’s Christmas present and view all the details and construction of the present.