New sustainability report - 2022/2023
30-04-2024 - Schur International Holding Group

New sustainability report - 2022/2023

Our sustainability report, or rather ESG report, for the financial year 2022/2023 has now been published. In the report, you can read how we work with sustainability within climate and environment, social issues, and corporate governance. The report provides insight into our goals and ambitions, and we also present several concrete examples of how we work with sustainability in different ways. 

The world has once again been characterized by geopolitical challenges, which has only made our work on sustainability and new packaging solutions even more necessary. In the report, our CEO's Johan and Hans Christian Schur state:

“Our collaboration with all our business partners and our continued focus on innovation in packaging, processes, and solutions are decisive elements in delivering our strategy. Packaging has many great benefits but when handled incorrectly it can also be viewed as part of the problem. It is our ambition to make packaging part of the solution. The upcoming updated EU framework on Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) will play a key role in bringing circularity into the packaging eco-system and we look forward to working on this transition in close cooperation with our customers.”

In the report, we describe the sustainability initiatives we are working on and the ongoing processes. Some things are changing in our reporting, as we are preparing for the EU's Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive (CSRD). All based on our sustainability strategy and vision: "We want to leave a positive imprint on Packaging, People and Planet". 

In addition to our strategic initiatives, we also describe several case studies that show how we work with sustainability in different parts of our business - from developing flexible packaging of recycled plastic to how we collaborate with a social economic enterprise on packaging tasks. 

Our 177-year history would not have been possible without the respect we hold for the people with whom we do business. Responsible practices have sustained our business for six generations, and we intend to continue for many more. We have the knowledge and experience in providing total packing and packaging solutions – and the drive to innovate and be part of forming the future. To us, that is sustainability.